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Volcano Warning Systems

I am living on a lake with three volcanoes, I am on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Now thinks about this, I was in Thailand in at the Tsunami, I was in the Philippines when there was a killer Typhoon, and I left Haiti five days before the Earthquake. Natural disaster appears to follow me around, but that is silly --- but I think about it.

I look at the Volcanoes and wonder to myself, do I need to know a volcano warning systems? There are three volcanoes on Lake Atitlan here in Guatemala, maybe that triples my chances of experiencing a volcano. Do scientists really know what they are doing, or are they just ineffective?

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


Two volcanoes, I am told one has two cones, is that suppose to make me feel safer?

I can go live at San Pedro, Guatemala under the volcano, which seems adventuresome. It seems prudent that I would know about volcano warning systems to live on Lake Atitlan, but I do not. How does one go about finding warning systems, nothing is obvious, there are no volcano warning signs here saying,
"You are sleeping close to Volcanoes, please monitor television station X for your personal safety."

Volcano Warning Systems


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