Vegetable Oil For Sale in Rwanda

Vegetable Oil For Sale in Rwanda
I walked into a store here in Byumba, Rwanda and purchased a liter of water. When I looked over at the shelf I see in typical African style a king size container of vegetable oil for sale.

Byumba, Rwanda
East Africa
Sunday, May 24, 2009


This can of Vegetable Oil cost 3000 Rwanda Francs or about 5-6 US Dollars.

The brand name of the Vegetable Oil appears to be USAID.

When the USA makes an agreement to give Millions or Billions of dollars to countries, USAAID will arrange with Non Governmental Organizations like World Vision to distribute the money.

Vegetable Oil For Sale in Rwanda


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You little Smirk did not get by me. Can says NOT TO BE SOLD...yet shelves are stocked with it !

I demand that you go in there Andy and make a USA Citizens Arrest. Get names and numbers and send the OIL BACK !

P.S. not much different than the local bodegas in the USA that let you use your food stamp card to buy phantom food and let you walk out with a car load of booze and smokes...

Same Same but different.

except they dont distribute money. The USA agrees to send X million of aid not X million in aid money. They will send US surplus produce to the value they agreed, not money. This is useful for the US economy because it means there is less wastage, and it means aid money gets spent at home and supports american buisness.

Regrettably, its bad for the recipients in many cases. In disasters, sending food is very useful. When a nation can easily produce its own food, sending them yours for free undercuts the farmers or workers in that country and puts them out of buisness this perpetuates the poverty cycle.

Which is not to say that these countries would wisely spend X million dollars - history shows us that they will almost certainly not do so. But its worth remembering theres way more than one problem at play here.

... more than one problem than an unscrupulous local trader selling things he shouldnt is what i meant. Certainly doesnt excuse it. Maybe you should send pictures to the liberal press, see if they run a feature on NGO failings o)

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