Used Clothing Imported to Haiti

Used clothing is imported into under-developed countries. I have seen this is Africa, Guatemala and many other countries.

Bundles of used clothing being unloaded from large cargo ship in Miragoane, Haiti.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Wednesday, November 18, 2009
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This truck came to the port, loaded up with bundles of used clothing, and will truck them to other cities in Haiti.

These girls are sitting in the main square of Miragoane. I conjecture that people come from neighboring cities to buy used clothing wholesale. There is an advantage to buying here in Miragoane; they are able to select the clothes they believe are sellable. While if they purchased a complete bundle of clothing, they would be working on a different level of clothing distribution.

This business is fascinating, because somewhere, somehow, in the USA there are people donating clothing. Say the Salvation Army, the Church, some organization collects used clothing. Slowly it moves it way towards a country like Haiti. Along the line the clothes are sorted, the worn out clothing are discarded, then made into bails. I would guess these bundles were assembled in Miami, and then shipped to Haiti in a large container ship.

Somewhere along the line it stopped being free, this is a business.

My friend Mike in Ghana asked me to help him get clothes from the USA. More or less go straight to the donators, bypassing all the intermediaries. I just could not get my mind around the moral issue, this is a business, but thrives on free donations. I suspect the person donating the clothes believes the end user is not paying.

Now to be just, reasonable, and understanding, this distribution system allows cheap clothing to enter Haiti in a sustainable manner. Is it free for people? No, however, it may be as cheap as it gets.

Distributing free clothing is a questionable practice; it makes beggars out of good folk. On the other hand, somewhere along the line the morals has some detours, I am sure.

Used Clothes Imported into Haiti


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I have heard about this practice. It is most likely one of their countrymen who is turning these donations into a business. That person probably justifies it as "putting food on their table," but is invariably taking it off of someone else's. There is a way to stop it however. Due to this I have recently only donated to charities that I know directly distribute to the people recieving the benefits. The next step is education, this is a harder issue, because in many countries (the US included) the government doesn't want the people to know.

The Clinton's took a tax write off on there donated underwear.

Former president Bill Clinton once made public a tax return on which he deducted $2 apiece for donated underwear. In a mandatory financial disclosure,

I bet there worth double now.

Note in Pats comment "clothes they can't sell in their shops". Goodwill also sells the clothes and items you donate it covers their operating costs. Makes sense to sell the non-movers to some one. In turn, the sellers in Haiti probably don't charge much as Haitians couldn't afford much. However, I agree that if you donate with the understanding that the recipients will get it for free and, instead, they have to pay it is fraud.

Andy, I also noticed some time ago you had a missive about vast quantity use of cooking oil in Africa. In the picture accompanying it, note the cans of oil are labeled "USAID not for commercial sale." An excellent graphic example of the diversion of aid for pecuniary gain.

There is no free clothing, doantions to Goodwill and the DAV have to sorted, cleaned, sized etc. They sell it in there stores to fund food give aways and other social programs in the US, the unsaleable clothing is sold to defray operating costs in the US. There are other costs on these clotthes as they work there way to Thailand, Hati, and other 3rd world countries such as bundeling, shipping and distribution, not to for get paying people for there time and effort fro doing this.
Of course its a business, this is reality, not a dream world

If you are interested in learning about how this works, just google the phrase "rag trade"
There are companies that have donation bins all over that have names that would make someone think that they are donating to a non-profit, when they are just giving their stuff to a BUSINESS.

I would like to donate clothes to Haiti and I am trying to find out how I can do that. Please could you send me any information about this, thank you.

I have a loads of men and womens clothing ,shoes, socks , tee shirts and new undergarments and would like to donate to Haiti. Can some one please give me the name of an organization that is collecting these items. I also have pots pans and such. These items may be disposed of. Please advise.

I am trying to donate clothes to Haiti and also i want donate can goods and any other living needs. Its just one problem i need to know how to send the items. if anybody could tell me i would truely apprieciate it. you can get intouch with me at 404-384-9061 or email me at Thankyou God Bless.


I want to donate clothes to Haiti. I have adult clothes and children clothes too. I also want to donate can goods and other non-perishable items. Please tell me how we can donate and where to send the donation to make sure it gets to the people of Haiti who were affected by the earthquake (and not to the rag trade business I read up in this thread).

Pls send me an email ( asap to get our donation going. Thank you! God bless Haiti!

Please can you be of help to me, I lived in Britain and I would like to send some clothes both for adults and children - I want to ensure they get it direct to meet their needs instead of the middle person or organisation.

Can you please advice or tell me where to take the clothings

Thanks God bless Haiti

I want to donate some clothes to Haiti. Can you help me out?

We would like to donate some gently used clothing to Haiti. Where can we drop these items?

I would like to donate some clothes to Haiti, Where can I go to do so?

Our organization has many new t-shirts left over from our last year Pride event.
We would be more than happy to donate them to Hati. Please advise us on how/if we may make this donation.

Thank you


Bill Chandler, GLSO Pride Center, Office Administrator

I am selvakumaarran from malaysia, I have a used cloths donation center which I want to send them to Haiti so I need which organization I can contact with ?

Our organization has collectied lots of used clothes and medical goods to donate them to Haiti. Please advise us on how/if we may make this donation.

Thank you,

Young Kim, World for People

Dear Sir,

My name is Deepak I'm in USA Los Angeles.
Please visit our website for all your questions.
Please let me know your requirement (what kind used clothes you want?)

Planet Aid Clothing

I have some clothes and cildrens toys here in winnipeg manitoba that I would like to send to Ghana west Africa free. I am a missionary and I have been there an Ive seen the need. There is a NGO there called Alliance Creative Community Project P.O. 1914 kANESHIE, ACCRA, GHANA. They can clear free the item being received. Please email me to let me know if there is somone in winnipeg that can ship these things for me free. I want to help the poor in this third world country. Thank you so much whoever gets this message.

Hi, I have a lots of clothes that I want to donate at Haiti or any other country around the world that needs clothes. I stay in Soweto and would like to have someone assist me on where I can take these clothes to. Anyone who is willing to assist me please e-mail me and let us make an arrangement.

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