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Unique Bottle Top Opener

Unique Bottle Top Opener
Uganda restaurants and bars have this unique bottle top opener, I have yet to find one for sale, however I am still looking.

Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, May 21, 2009


The bottle opener is made of wood, and in my opinion would be the perfect opener for a home bar or formal setting. However, I am not sure it is still needed, possibly all bottles in developed countries have screw off tops.

There is a screw inside the top, it will catch on the edge of a bottle cap and allow the user to pry the top off.

What do I know, I have not went in a liquor store in 20 years, however this bottle opener would be the perfect accessory to a person who has well stocked bar in their house.

It is enjoyable to see the many ways the world does the same thing in a different way.

Just today I was looking at the pillowcase in my hotel room; I would estimate I have seen 15-20 different designs for the simple bed pillowcases in my perpetual circling of the planet. Every once in a while I start to group photos into categories, and then I slowly give up on the project because of the difficulty in filing the photos. One of these days I will find a simple way to file them and create some curious photo exposes.

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Unique Bottle Top Opener