Trip Planning to Penn State University

Trip Planning

I fly soon to JFK airport in New York City, April 2nd, then by land to Penn State University, back to JFK, then on the 10th of April I fly to Budapest, Hungary.

I do not wish to stay long in Europe, just a few weeks, however to jump in and out of Europe fast, it is best if I start my research or an exit strategy. I never buy my tickets until about 3 weeks or less before I leave, therefore if I am only in Europe for three weeks, now is the time to start. I have not discovered the price to be better when I order earlier, sometimes, however nothing guaranteed.

I called up Jeroen the owner of Nat Tours in Bangkok, Thailand with my telephone service to get his ideas, he recommended I the Turkmenistan Airlines as they fly to Bangkok cheaply. I am not sure of the link for the airlines, or if they have a link, however I have a notion now on how to proceed. There are a couple of options, I can go for Istanbul, Turkey or maybe for Frankfurt, Germany to fly to Thailand. The discount airlines are making some very strange paths or options available. I can actually go backwards and then forward cheaper.

Joroem was helpful in planning as I need to search for a gate from Europe to Southeast Asia. Frankfurt is the best gate, however Istanbul is good also, however I am not sure, Turkey may still be charging USA people 100 dollars to enter their country. (Basically an Anti-USA type thingy)

I think I have Joroen's telephone correct, funny, I have been calling him Nat for a couple of years and he never corrected me, he is not a person that seems to worry about these types of details, although a stickler for other details.

Nat Tour and Travel Co
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr Joe is also a good option, however you must shop all of them, keep them honest, go to all and find a price. Note, I never would recommend a Travel Agency, I only would say, this PERSON, not agency has helped me. What is a problem is most will size you up, think, - will this person pay the normal published price and I can get a hit? -

Budapest to Istanbul is 650 Miles as the crow flies, I have trouble averaging more than 50 miles per hour in a bus or train, therefore this is a 13 hour trip, not a very long trip and a walk in the park in normal situation. I will need to suss out how difficult they make life in Eastern Europe for transportation before I make many decisions.

Trip Planning


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Hi Andy,

I think it's going to take longer than 13 hours to get from Istanbul to Budapest.

I remember a fairly decent trip from Istanbul to Bucharest (which is about halfway)....don't remember the exact hours but the train left Istanbul at like 10pm and didn't arrive in Bucharest until maybe 9am(?). This was the Bucharest Express. Keep in mind the trains in this area are not as good as Western Europe and you have to stop and get out at the border in Turkey/Bulgaria (which I didn't like at all as some of my stuff was still on the train). This info is a few years old but should still be good.

btw, Romania is interesting too and worth checking it out if you have a chance...more off the beaten track, less touristed (except for Vlad's castle in Brasov).


Thanks for the information, I am trying to plan. I have discovered there are many paths for travel. They are well known and understood after the trip. I want to know the most common path taken from Budapest to Istanbul? Thanks for the information. I have a page devoted to the idea of paths or routes for the traveler.

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