Tourist Need to Carry Passport in San Pedro Guatemala

I think backpackers on the Gringo Trail have passed the word, in San Pedro, Guatemala you need to carry a passport…

Hmmm, to live in San Pedro, Guatemala I need to prove I am legally in the country.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Carrying a Passport
Normally, I leave my passport in my room, however while in San Pedro, Guatemala I carried my passport, this seems reasonable There is tons of gossip in Panajachel on the other side of the lake, like there is some reason to be afraid of San Pedro.

I just do not get it, I am in Guatemala legally, I have had my passport checked in almost every country I have ever visited, and this is normal; I must prove I have legal permission.

Obeying the Law
I am enjoying this immensely. I need to prove I am legal, that seems reasonable, and if I had children, I would tell them to obey the law and stop acting like children.

Maybe we truly do need to tell the citizens of the USA, you need a passport, personally I am tired of listening to the Europeans making fun of the USA for not having passports.

Tourist Need to Carry Passport in San Pedro Guatemala


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Achtung! Achtung! Irh reisepass! Show me your papers!

There will be a net outflow from Arizona soon enought... but don't be surprised if Americans leave too! Tourists and returning non-resident Americans often feel unwelcomed when returning to the 50 states. Besides Grand Canyon and Monument Valley... why bother? Tourism from abroad used to be a $90B net contributor to our economy, but that seems to have reversed over the last decade.

Why don't they just take away the "safety net" that is actually crippling most Americans. The "safety net" is actually a yoke on the workers and business people who know better. It encourages foreigners and locals alike to go on public assistance.

1. get a Passport Card, $20
2. carry with passport pages photocopy.
3. Passport Book costs $80 to replace.
4. get free extra pages NOW-- State plans to charge $80 each soon, without notice, 3 max.

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