The Incredible Freedom of African People

Nothin' Matters And What If It Did
- Singer John Cougar

I am jealous of Bah, my Ivorian Coast girlfriend could sleep until noon without a tinge of remorse, shame, or regret. I am watching her lie in bed as I type this, knowing full well she could care less that I am awake or working, unless I disturbed her.

Our Hotel room has four large wonderful windows, and if I open the curtains during the night we can sleep in total comfort because the exchange of air with the outside is almost complete. This is truly a remarkable room. (Room 24 in Video City Hotel in Mampong 20 Cedis.)

I took these two photos, then because I felt a little guilt, decided to close all the curtains so Bah can sleep until noon if she wishes.

Please call and ask questions, this project is finding traction:
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Wikipedia does not have a clear category on how people prioritize, it is ambiguous, the ablity to prioritize goals is still in the dark ages.

I have many resentments towards the USA and hope to one day forget and forgive, however this is low priority, and I am not sure how to forgive a culture that is never going to change.

Ghana, West Africa --- Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Hypocrisy is Normal Life
Sleeping to noon is annoying to me, because I am a little selfish and want Bah to wake up and live life the same as me. However to avoid being a hypocrite I allow her to sleep until she wakes and will not talk about it, because to talk about it would be an attempt to change her.

I have never heard of a suicide in Africa
I have been having many conversations over Skype with friends, and there is a never-ending assumption.
"Africa sucks."

I read this in readers comments, it is assumed and agreed upon, that somehow life is bad in Africa. And that somehow an American or European could come and save this place, which is truly hilarious, a bunch of sad sack Americans coming to elevate Africans out of their misery. I want to slap the Americans I see in Africa silly, I want to scream at them.
"Smile asshole."
"You are so stupid, you cannot see smiles on people faces."

Bah Woke Up
7:42 am, she woke up, she seldom sleeps past 8:00 am, and I doubt the world can understand a place where life is so free, that waking up is not a torture. She is neither forced to awake or sleep, she is free.

When a person is free from social constraints, they often do the exact same as the normal society around them.

Now, there is always an exception, Bah has been sleeping to avoid thinking about her country or family, this is my opinion, however it is normal for people who are afraid to hide, this often is just sleeping.

Wiki list of suicide rates by country.

Happiness by country could be weighed by noticing the number of unhappy people who kill another person. And then the reverse, when a person is not capable of being angry with others and turn the anger inward killing themselves.
Hypocrisy is not simply a lie, saying something which one knows to be false. Neither is it simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches.

Hypocrisy is an unconscious self-contradiction: a state of incongruence between one's professed beliefs and feelings and one's actual beliefs and feelings, or an application of a criticism to others that one does not apply to oneself.

- Wiki has a "Travel Plans" feature, I have no idea if it works, I cannot access it in Ghana and the person who validated me could not assist, she told me I need to return to Indiana.

I had my account limited after I purchased something on E-bay, truly a great reason to use I called and 26 minutes later I had the limit removed, but I never felt positive this was going to work.

I am a rather smart person, and I know how to use, the Internet, and my computer to make calls cheap. I know many ways to make a phone call. However, the world is still not a fair place, making a 26 minute phone call from Ghana to the USA could easily cost more than what I purchased.

How much is a phone call from the USA to Ghana for 26 minutes? Oops, where is Ghana?

The Incredible Freedom of African People


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Your podcasts are great, as they add an oddly interesting-in-its-own-way physical Andy presence that counter-balances the long-standing tumbling-over-itself mix of words you've put out for us readers over the years in your daily missives.

Both versions of you are interesting, as they seem to cut right to the chase of what you are experiencing in your travels.

I am glad you have chosen to not really edit yourself in most ways.

Your recent experiences in Ivory Coast, then in the unpleasant transitory place, and onto where you are now in Ghana, with Bah, have been really wonderful in both helping me understanding places I had absolutely zero clue about (and then looked up, and Wiki'd and Google'd as a result of your messages)...

...are better described as being a wonderful way to enwrap us with your experiences.

While quite a bit of your daily life is quite cryptically odd to most of us (including for me the vast portion of your connection with Bah...who may be the best person in the universe, and perfect for you...but really seems not well defined for us out here yet in the blog-o-sphere in the ways previously described...but seems to comes across as a rather standard demanding abusive user type that you might to help us better understand in a different way)...

...there still is the really interesting way you write that entraps my imagination to be where you are that is quite worthwhile in the daily readings over these multiple years.

I sent you a contribution during the dark days several years ago.

These days, you are self-sufficient, so doesn't seem really needed these my next best advice:

Dude, finish writing the book! Reap the rewards of authorship while in Ghana, and then continue the journey.

While we all know you do not write in best King's English, or take the time to master perfect syntaxt...

...and people undoubtably will forever get endlessly pissed at any random particular moment with your specific comments spoken from the heart...

...anyone who understands the most basic concept of the HoboTraveler, and why you are doing this...

...will support you in the future.

Best wishes,

fellow traveler

Anyone who wants to ask a question can call this USA voicemail 24/7 and record a question:



I believe you are up to date on some African news!! However, since you wonder why they cut you off from different internet facilities, I saw this on CNN and post it for your reading.

Yes, Ghana is a scam capital of the planet.

What is interesting, MTN, the major cell and internet provider does not allow many normal functions.

When I receive a copy of the link to this Blog in my e-mail box, it does not allow me to click because it has a redirect that counts the clicks.

I do not like this, but have no way to stop every telephone company on the planet. I suspect though that 99 percent of the scams originate in Accra, the main city.

Your girlfriend sleeps because she is depressed .. classic symptom .. and who can blame her. She's lost her home, family,friends and way of life. It'll take her a while to get over the loss.
I enjoy your blog and photo's, and wish you the best.
Tommy H.

Said it. She needs her folks.

I (European) say only hello to others from here, and then I continue my own way. There is nothing between us because of same origin. But this African ladies need each other, never found out why, but it is so.

Take up the challenge, develop new skills, find others from Ivory Coast, give them a focus point for the time being till they can return. And listen to their stories ... never ending ...

hello, Andy you have said that you are working on your book please, Put me on the list for a hopefully, very cheap, kindle copy. Pre -published working edition is fine with me, need information ,not pretty cover etc. thanks, giocomo

Younger people's body chemistry is suppose to extend their length of sleep in the morning. Also in the past when I have been depressed I could sleep for 16 hours or more and after Bah's traumatic situation with the danger she faced and having her family in danger and house ransacked it'd be quite understandable if she's using sleep as an escape mechanism I have in the past and it works until I get so bored I start writing and then get back to LIVING LIFE actively.

Interesting but not surprising that Lithuania has a high suicide rate as many cold climate nations' residents suffer from depression in the winter months. Korea ahead of Japan on the list did surprise me as suicide has always been a part of Japanese samurai ethic and culture.

PayPal limited my acct March 29 as soon as I accessed it from India and looks like nothing will change until May according to their corporate generic answer. I may start using xoom also or look into other methods.

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the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!

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