Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile

Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile
The 1000 smiles from Thailand have been removed, I used to blame it on the Thai people, however a Thailand girl explained,
“Foreigners take our smile.”

Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road - Center of Backpacker Universe
Southeast Asia
Monday, June 22, 2009
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The Foreigners “Take the smile”

There is a saying about Thailand that originated many years ago,
“The land of a 1000 smiles.”

I have said,
“The land of a 1000 frowns.”

I do not see the people from Thailand as quick to smile, they are quickly becoming the like the stone-faced Chinese.


I was talking to a long-term Thailand girl who knows me well last night, I had been complaining the other day about the cold-hearted staff of the Hotel where I am staying, and how they do not care. It is very late at night and the Hotel is sleeping, about 5-10 people from England enter the Hotel and are talking very loud.

Now, this is common in Hotels, normally the noise subsides in about 5-10 minutes and people sleeping are relieved of the problem. However, this went on for about one hour and never stopped, they never once considered that people were sleeping, hollering down the halls of the hotel in their drunken manner.

The Thailand girls says,
“Foreigners are junk.”

This is a generalization or a stereotype held by the Thailand people and I believe it is correct. The foreigners in Thailand are junk. Most foreigners leave Thailand thinking Thai people like them, they call us Farang for a reason, and it is not because they like us.

I am foreigners, therefore I am junk.

What can I say, when you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Jeroen my travel agent here on Khao San Road has often asked,
“Why don’t you wear the Thailand clothes like other Farang?”

“You just came back from Africa, why don’t you have on African clothing?

“Look at the people here in Thailand who just came from India, you can easily see they came from India.”

I said,
“I am Andy; I do not visit countries to become a different person, I like who I am.”

Thailand is one the most convenient countries on the planet, I can live, eat, and buy anything cheap here. I have been here at least 20-50 times, I can buy Airplane Tickets here cheaper than anywhere on the planet.

How many email addresses do I have from Thailand?
How many do I have from Uganda?
Two - I spent a month in Uganda.

Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile


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How cheap is it in Thailand? Can you give us some comparitive examples of basic things you can buy there and how much it costs in US dollars?

# Jen Allison said on Monday June 22nd, 2009 09:47:57 AM

How cheap is it in Thailand? Can you give us some comparitive examples of basic things you can buy there and how much it costs in US dollars?

Rent 7,000 baht
Power 1,400 baht
Water 200 baht

Internet 500 baht
Mobile phone 500 baht

Groceries 4,500 baht
Transport 1,700 baht
Miscellaneous 1,900 baht
Daily allowance (30 x 100 baht) 3,000 baht
Handouts/beggars 500

*Alcohol and Dates 50,000 baht

TOTAL 74,700 baht

* Optional

Foreigners and all Americans are welcome in Thailand, nothing has changed, however, there is a head in the sand attitude of the foreigners.

They come, they go to Tourist locations, they stay a resorts, they eat the great food, they party, they have girlfriends and never realize they did not have a lot of Thailand friends. This is why I explain the email exchange method of checking countries.

The more emails you have when you leave a country explains the number of authentic friendships established.

I hate to use this phrase, however simpler to explain, however people think of the Ugly American as a person who comes and never talks with the Locals. Thailand is full of the Ugly Foreigner. Yes, they are having boom boom, eating, drinking, however few people just sit around and truly understand Thailand people.

The types of travelers who stay in Thailand for years are not looking for intimate, caring, real give and take relationships, more on the take and less on the give, More or less the wanted and unwanted, wanted in their own country or unwanted in their own country.

Whether Thai people want or do not want Foreigners is truly not important to a person in a resort, they wanted the Beach, sun and to learn who their wife or husband is again, they were not here to meet Thailand people. What they need from Thailand is good servants and for sure the Thailand people can provide any type of service you need.


Hi Andy and all those following these great blogs
sorry I only just found this when trying to find info on the Gitarama area - I know youve moved on but can anyone give me an idea of how to find out about a group of Batwa (pygmies) who are living near the main road from Kigali, they are a few miles before Gitarama. A good friend of mine visited them twice and we would like to help them but raising funds is hard from UK without more detail - they dont of course have a mail address! Caurwa may be interested in helping too.
Does anyone have local connections or know anyone visiting the area?
Thanks and happy travelling

Ann said:
.....Batwa (pygmies) ...... and we would like to help them.

I would be interested in hearing why you think they need help, what kind of help you are planning on giving them and why you think it will help them.

I hear this term raise money to help them.. all the time. But most of the time it comes down to offering charity to people who just need a job. Or in some cases, there is no plan on what to do with the money, but the beleife that money will somehow majically solve some imagined problem. I am curious.

Bob L

I was curious about how you buy cheap plane tickets in Thailand. I have been there and it seems they try to get as much money out of foreigners as they can.

How do they still think about OTHER americans or people of color? like the falang(farang) dam[black]? I will be traveling there again and i want to know what the attitudes towards people of color as well as from the caucasians? has the economy make thailand worse..or in some aspects better to foreigners?

Lea, you asked,
How do they still think about OTHER Americans or people of color?

I think you want to know how Thailand people treat Blacks. To like or not like people in tourist areas is not easy to figure out, most tourist businesses will do anything for money, and the more money you spend the more they will allow or even encourage.

In Thailand you will be treated different if you:

1. Live in a tourist dominated area where mainly tourist live.
2. Thailand concentrated area.
3. Fringe areas.

What always makes anyone allowable is money, the more you pay, the more status you give to an area, the more likely they are to accept you.

The bad economy now of 2009 has made it better for tourist, they are trying harder to be friendly to earn money.

Are you liked or disliked? The vast majority of people leave Thailand believing the Thai people love them, this is in a way all that is important.

Many countries, Thailand included have cream that somehow turns the skin whiter, what does this mean?

I like the Beach, I like to get tan and lay in the sun, truly Thailand people are not wanting to lie in the sun or have their color change.

I am an American, every group of people on the planet has quirks, there is a large British group here in Chiang Mai where I live. I tend to keep my mouth shut more, I truly do not enjoy large groups of Brits. I am probably considered low class in their group, however a large group of Thailand people and I would be considered high class. It is all about how much status you lend to the group, as well as how much envy exist.

In the end, if you see a smiling face, this is the best indicator. Give them a smile, if they do not smile back keep on walking, truly the best way to travel is with a smile on your face. When you do not receive a smile back, think and go a bit slower.
Andy of

How to buy cheap tiekets?

Buying plane tickets has TOO much to do with your location.

People in Sukumvit pay more than people on Khao San Road.
People on Koh Samui pay more than people on Koh Phan Ngan.

They size you up, look at you, decide how stupid you are and get you. It is what the tourist industry does great. The more you pay... hehehe

However, it is also one industry that consistently makes their clients enjoy giving up large sums of money for a horrible value and they are extremely happy.

Walk around to 10 travel agents always, if this is too much work, then the agents will love you, they also hate you when you do this.

# Andy said on Friday June 26th, 2009 04:14:48 PM

Lea, you asked,
How do they still think about OTHER Americans or people of color?

I think you want to know how Thailand people treat Blacks.........

....They are intimidated from the size of a Average African and BEHAVIOR.
Just as Most Americans and Europeans are also until they get to know you. Blacks have a bad rep (AS DO ISRAELIS) It not a color thing it is a politeness and behavior thing)) so you do need to be nice and polite and If you say I should not have to ACT nice and Polite Then you should not come.

All people should ACT nice and polite in a foreign land And if it is NOT a ACT you will enjoy your time here..

Hmm, what do you think Chuck Wow? Do impolite people know they are impolite? I think you earmarked the signs, if you are not having a good time, then either

1. Surrounded by impolite people
2. You are the impolite person.

If it never crosses you mind whether a person is being polite or impolite, I am truly worried and would group you in the empathy impaired section of Darwins sub-categories.

Note, as a world traveler, my opinion is the tourist in Thailand are some of the most impolite on the planet. I enjoy Thailand people when there are zero Farangs around, however for sure the Thai people lose their smile around too many Farangs and become impolite also.

I do not have trouble with the locals, normally all my trouble happens with the foreigners, and when I am for example saying the Africans stink, I try to be polite, we do not get in big fights over it. I say, you stink, stand over there. hehehe, frank, honest and direct and often very funny.

I am lucky, I have a wide honest streak in me, i can say about anything and get away with it, they know do not have an agenda and just trying to be honest. People with agendas, looking for problems will surely find problems, it is self prophesied.


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