South Bend to New York Flight 2009

I am about to get on my United flight from South Bend to Chicago, and tranfer to a New York City flight. I think I paid about 135 one-way when purchasing with

My shampoo and a few other liquids cost me 20 bucks in Baggage fee, I am going to do a complete reworking of my travelers bag strategy for airplanes.

I paid 155 for the plane ticket from South Bend to New York, not what is on the receipt. I am now carrying one less bag because I was not positive would allow me check two bags. Hmmm, maybe I can dump the liquids in New York and see if I can avoid the luggage fees. At least the were upfront on the fees, while did not deal with the issue.

South Bend Airport - United States of America - Monday, November 2, 2009
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I am lighter now, my two bags are carry on size, they do not count laptop bags. I could have carried it on, not paid the luggage fee if I off-loaded all my liquids. The USA airlines have more rules that are not utilized when flying international. Most countries on the planet are small; truly do not have many domestic flights. Therefore the Domestic flights semi treat you same as International flights. I am happy I do not travel domestic in the USA, I am always worried about losing my checked bag. I have had the bags misplaced by USA Airlines about four times in the last 12 years, and never outside. Every luggage problem started with a flight that began in the USA.

South Bend to New York Flight 2009


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Hi I'm a boutique designer/hotel operator from New Zealand and work some in Thailand. just back from San Francisco,Seattle, Boston, New York, Miami over a month. Like the NYC urban feel and work something akin to boutique hotels Soho/West Village. I'm now gravitating to Meatpacking District.

Hassel, domestic flights US. They may sound cheap, but, sure you get to pay extra somehow. Everyone working to put their largish cabin luggage overhead, to save on no second bag. Second bag "laptop' somewhere in someone else's overhead space. Plane takes ages to load, after a longer security clearance because of all the bags going aboard, and then guess what, at the other end, the long off load! Sprinters get a seat near the off loading door:)

The smaller planes are full, feel really full, seem hot and you feel more canned in. Then add a biggish dog in a box with your neigbor!

It's just a development that I think is something of a problem. I read that Senate was looking at a bag size reduction. Maybe they are on to it.

I like the jumbo space, the full service, in heaven above a big ocean, space and service. Last nice trip happened to be with a Qantas Pacific run . Also similarly with Emirates NZ to Thailand, and these not at really much greater cost.

Bend to New York sounds just what I experienced.....

You should visit New Zealand. Creating bomenian chic hotels tells me a lot about what travellers should have done for them. But watch out for the budget airflights, they are here too.



Everyone has a carrry-on, the leave it at the door of the plane and check it, then have to wait as they get off the plane. Not sure I understand this USA system, I know the overhead compartments do not hold the 14 x 9 x 22 standard size carry on. But if you cannot carry it on, then why not checked.

I am still trying to remember if I ever heard of this 3 - 1 - 1 fluid thing outside the USA. there appears to be some USA - Centric rules I am not fully aware of because I do no live in the USA.

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