Short Writing Pen Travel Tip

I found a great pen for travel in the Philippines, however I lose or break about two pens per month and I am down to my last one.

I recommend you purchase extra short pens if possible, a person needs a black ink pen to fill out immigration and customs forms.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Ayiti - Saturday, November 14, 2009
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I put pens in my pants pocket, in my front backpack, in many places, the longer ones tend to break. Sometimes they come unscrewed and I find only pieces scattered around.

If possible, buy pens in the USA or Europe; I think the qualities of pens are better. A cheap pen can explode ink and destroy your clothes.

Short Writing Pen Travel Tip


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Attach a pen to your backpack with a string that can slide into one of the outer pockets. This way you always have one even if it is just a backup! Ziplock bags are great too for storing items in that might have the potential to leak and ruin all your clothes etc. I learned this after the cap on a can of hairspray came off and sprayed my clothes until the can was empty....very irritating!

Hurry up and get kidnapped already !

never buy ballpen again...
always free at trade shows, good hotels, banks, almost everywhere.

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