Retired and Losing My Ability to Walk

I am afraid, generally, I am retired from work, and because I am not forced to walk at work, I know my body is falling to pieces. It is just a matter of time until I cannot walk.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 23, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Necessity if Needed
I need to employ myself in some activity that forces my body to exercise. My body needs a job, my mind is overactive, and the body is on standstill. I have completed control of my time and life, maybe this is the problem.

The solution is easy, I need to exercise, I can hear people saying to me,
“You need to do more exercise.”
However, I already know, everyone my own age is older than I am. I just need to look around me and I know, they do not know the solution to this problem. I can see nobody is listening to this advice and staying in shape. I am parts of a group who slowly are giving up walking.

Gyms for Exercise
I know one solution, I can quit travel, then I could return to my daily routine of going to the gym in the USA, looking at girls in tights, chatting, and working out. I like doing this; it was not difficult to keep motivated. In the 12 years of travel, I have never found an enjoyable way of exercising truly kept my body tone, overall body in shape.

I can only be in the USA for 30 days, because of Taxes, I am thinking of going to Canada a couple times per years. Canada is the same as the USA, not a lick of difference… I search for gyms in all the Expat hangouts, they are overpriced jokes.

Walking is Not Enough
I walk a lot, this is not the problem. I need to use all the muscles groups.

Retired Friends
When I look at my new Expat Retired friends here in Sosua, Dominican Republic, I get depressed. I can see the different age groups and nobody is fighting it, we are all going down the tubes.

I think the human animal physically peaks around age 20-25, the slowly atrophies until around age 65-80 we lose the ability to walk. It is not an event, it is a process, and I know I am losing the ability to walk. I know one thing, the more I define the problem, the closer I am to a solution. I hate to say it, but I need to find some 20-25 year old people to hang out with, I want to get back on the other side of the that hill.

Time to Contemplate
Are you too busy to contemplate this problem? I know the majority of my friends are on a hopeless treadmill, their lives are consumed, they do not have the time to read this, halfway contemplate solutions.

Please do not tell me to exercise, tell me what motivate you to exercise.

Retired and Losing My Ability to Walk


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there are people like me who are almost 70 and in full shape because I live in paradise with a hug sport and social club next to my apartment. Montevideo, Uruguay, is the best place in the world after having seen it all. American expats are flocking in here, too. Nobody wants to leave again, in spite of the new communist government and the maybe difficulties this may cause in the future. We all wait and see! Until then, we stay in good shape and have a lot of fun.

Look up online and read about Edward Payson Weston. Of course he is exceoptional but he was a world class walker into old age, until a car hit him. Ironic. But he was an interesting guy. I believe Wikipedia has an antry on him.

My motivation: stay healthy and fit for the pleasure to be healthy and fit, spending almost nothing and avoiding the gym. I exercise doing things I love, for example riding a bicycle, swimming in the ocean, going to the hills. Gym is boring. I'm lucky to live in a city where you can do a lot of activities outdoor, why would I shut myself up in a overpriced fitness center just to show off my status (local chinese) or meet other expats in order to hit the bottle right after work out? It doesn't make any sense. Being out of this spiral of nonsense makes me more motivated. People are slave of their images and status, I'm not and nonetheless I'm fit. This boost my motivation.

Mom- For Pete's sake Andy, I am 76 and your dad is 77 and we walk everywhere. You probably need to swim when you get the chance, get a fresh suntan, rent a bicycle, take lots of short walks throughout the day and who knows perhaps you might be able to run in a marathon if you traveled to the right place. Your Grandpa Graham was 92 when he died. He was still a walker even in the nursing home where everyone chuckled when he took his lady friend to the entertainment room to dance and bowl. Your body is made of a strong constitution and you come from ancestors who lived to be really old and healthy. Stop fussing.


I am trying to find the fountain of you, I think:

1. Making friends with people under 30.
2. Finding some sports I like.
3. Change countries less, so I can work into my travels exercises..
4. Go the beach areas more.

I am doing some very specific muscle exercises that help. People I am not worried, I just backpacked through Haiti for two months. The 20-30 group seem incapable of doing this, I should slow down and allow them to catch up.

I am aware though, my body is working against me, and walking long distances is required to be a traveler.

Get a 20-25 year old girlfriend. Problem solved.

If you are interested you can always come here to Crestline and practice on the snow:

The best idea is the 25-year-old girlfriend. Although watch out for older western women giving you "that pervert" type looks. LOL

That said, beach areas are great for fitness. Running on wet sand (surf area) is easier on the knees, walking in the soft sand (above the surf) is tough and really makes you huff and puff. And then there's swimming which is a great exercise for older bodies (less impact).

You need to get your heart rate up to your 85-of-max a few minutes a day. That means about 20-30 min total of exercise as you build up to your 85-of-max (stay at that level for 5 min)and cool down from it.

Go get a executive health check at Bumrungrad Hospital in BKK (Soi NaNa) (Cebu, Philippines has Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital which is also good) to get a baseline status (and they'll do a stress test to determine your 85-of-max heart rate) and then go out and find that 25-year-old! :-)

Good Idea, Jon
But Thailand is not work for Andy, Philippines or other is better.18-25 year-old Girl is good, you can get more in developing country, Try with Pharmacycist, Nurse or University girl they are easy going and fun, no need seriously relationship when you bored then leave them. My UK friends visits Thailand 1-2 times to meet university Thai girls then he date with different girl for 1-2 months and call them "girlfriend", not have to pay extra for girl (American chare), many time girl pay him for food, be guild to travel and extra thing because he is guest. It's really good idea.

what different between girlfriends and girl that you hang out for some thing? or you use the same word for every girl with "girlfriend"

giggle @ what Mom said............ Just like a Mom, stop whining and go outside and play.

I'm a few years older than you and I ride a bike daily. The ankles can't take the long walks needed to do any good. I believe the boomers will be the last generation to look good in old age. Remember when we played outside all day? I read that 1 in 4 children now are already obese!

I took this online test and I've reversed some chronological years. I'm 61 years now and I'm aging more slowly and looking better than last we met. I'm often mistaken for a mid-40's to early 50's guy

I took this test which set me up on a nutritional and fitness program tailored to me. Retaking the test periodically gives you your new biological age which can consistently be dropped!

btw, I found a really great hot well spa (natural unchlorinated thermal spa right near my place in your Hideout in Panajachel, Guatemala) and I can spot you at the gym. Cheap for this pensioner.

Thanks for setting me out on my future.

- Chris Smith

Andy what about some light or moderate hiking? It's more fun than just walking, and then you can get out and see the surrounding areas of the cities and towns you visit and climb some of the mountains near where you travel. Take a day pack, some water, and a few power bars. In 2-4 hours you can summit a small mountain, log 5 or 10 miles, and in addition you'll get your heart rate going. Since there won't likely be girls in short shorts on the trails, I guess the only incentive here is the natural scenery. Who knows, just a thought...

Your Mom said it best and lucky you for having longevity in your family.

I have gained all the 60 lbs of weight back which it took me 2 years to lose in 2005 and 2006. I look GROSS and KNOW I really need to take off traveling again. Whenever I travel alone I keep moving and lose weight without trying much. Finding activities or projects which excite and motivate me help keep my energy level up with a friendlier frame of mind. The terms, "grouchy old man" or "stinky old man" or "dirty old man" exist because they seem to apply to many people and as you mentioned when I cross paths with people within 10 years younger or older than my age, 56, most of the time I find them a bit boring and "OLD" and have difficulty being with them for more than very short periods of time. Even being this much grossly overweight my wife and I climbed Diamond Head and Koko Head in Hawaii and doesn't prevent us from walking 4 or more miles daily.

Finding the right travel companion could help solve some of your problems like mentioned above but I don't think age is such a factor. Many people in the early 20s are too LAZY to be active, avoid pain and sweating and rarely are financially independent. Someone in their 30s or 40s might make a better activity buddy.

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