Retire in Philippines NO WAY

Retire in Philippines NO WAY
I believe Typhoon Lupit is causing problems here in Manila; the electricity went off around 2:00 am and came back on around 5:00 am. I only know this because the air conditioning in my room went off and water started dripping water onto my pillow. I guess the aircon was iced up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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I leave on a plane today, I have no good information about Typhoon Lupit and the truth is, I am not positive that is the name. I did a search on the internet and derived this name, there does not appears to be any Filipino television news stations in my Australian owned Hotel. I am lucky to have the internet, when the electricity went off, I would have neither television nor internet.

Sometimes I ask the Filipino people, and then know less than I know; my best option is to find a Foreign Expat for this type of information of course this does not work, it is now 5:59 am in the morning.

I have stayed all over the planet during raining seasons, however I have to admit the Philippines is over the edge with too much rain. I just do not need this much rain, it is a true problem. Baguio maybe one of the better places to retire in the Philippines has more than other places, so even worst. I enjoy one or two months in the Philippines, then I start to realize the underlying structure of the society and slowly become annoyed. A great place for one or two months, to adapt, accept, or go native here in the Philippines is not going to happen to me, I am not going to become Filipino.

I am so happy to leave, I go to the airport now and HOPE the planes are flying away from here.

Retire in Philippines NO WAY


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i can understand why retiring here in Pinas is a NO NO for you. the recent calamities that has struck luzon is not that common. what happened was totally unexpected. true, luzon experiences rainfalls all year round, but not that heavy as what have happened few weeks ago due to typhoon ondoy (ketsana) and typhoon pepeng (parma) and now tyhpoon ramil (lupit). [we have local names of typhoon by the way...the ones in parentheses are their international names. and we kinda name the typhoons in alphabetical order...]

i am living in a rural area in Mindanao. typhoons aren't common here, nor heavy rainfalls. if i was in manila that very day typhoon ondoy struck, i would also say almost the same as you do, "i am not going to retire in manila/luzon, probably".

but despite all the calamities (never ending wars between terrorists, typhoons, landslides, earthquakes, etc)...i love my country. Philippines is the best place in the whole world for me.

i am happy that you visited my country. hope you enjoyed your stay here.

To retire, a person needs to relate to a country. I say NO for me, knowing that someone relates to me, if they identify as feeling the same on many issues, then following me is a good option. Sadly everyone wants everyone to agree to be the same.

I have retired here in the Philippines for 7 years after having worked in the country for 3 years for an American company. I found it easy to adapt to the country given the American influences and language. I live in Subic bay/ Olongapo area and our weather is moderate. We get some heavy rains but nothing that is more than an inconvenience

It is true that last year (2009) we had a lot of typhoons in the Philippines, 9 to be precise. But this year we had only one and that was in the very beginning of this infamous season. Some say it is because of the influence of El Niño but I sense it's more a coincidence. This year all typhoons went to China, Taiwan and a couple in the direction of Japan. We were simply lucky.

Look, if the typhoon season bothers some expats, it is during that time Summer in the Western world. At least 30 of the expats here stay 6 months here en 6 months in their country of origin. This way you'll maximize the possibility of living an endless Summer.

Greetings from Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines

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