Plug Falls Out of Outlet Travel Tip

Plug Falls Out of Outlet Travel Tip
I have a 220-110 adapter on the power cord to my Blackberry Storm that will not stay plugged into my power cord. I cannot bend the two slotted electrical prongs to make wider or narrower, it just does not stay in the plug.

It was becoming annoying, I was taping the crazy thing to my extension cord, and this is not an easy solution. Every location required me to work at getting a solid electrical connection.

Kilgoris, Kenya
East Africa
Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the hard plastic 220-110 adapter.

Picture showing it falling out of the plug, sometimes I would just prop something up under the end.

I added this little device that converts a slotted to a two prong round electrical plug and now it will stay in the plug. This is very low electrical current, if the BlackBerry required a lot of juice; I would not be doing this because these adapters heat up.

Now the 220-110 adapter stays plugged in only by adding a simple extension that I already had and need to carry.

Plug Falls Out of Outlet Travel Tip


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Not sure about BB but most chargers work on 110 and 220

I love this blog! I am going to check it everyday! I want to be a hobo traveler too!

Hey I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your site. I'm leading a team to Kenya this summer for a couple weeks, which will be my second time in the country. In fact, the ministry I work for owns about 40 acres of land outside of Nairobi that we are currently determine how to best utilize as a means of helping the poorest of the poor in that area. I have a passion for the kind of writing that you are doing and tips that you are giving at great stuff! I'll be back frequently. Thanks.

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