Philippines is Crazy and Fun

Philippines is Crazy and Fun
A few photos of my indecisions, I vacillate, I am never sure of myself, I can never truly leave the Philippines, it is a large question mark.

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 6, 2009


Fashion in the Vigan Market

A young girl selling live frogs.

Tax collection station, is it possible to listen to two people at the same time, maybe when we pray we really are talking to ourselves.

Philippines children have an inability to stop smiling, I hope it is contagious.

My Thai Girlfriend wanted to know why there were bars on all the windows and if there was really needed?

Why is there a lock on the toilet paper?

Humility is accepting we are human; we have cultural idiosyncrasies that define our culture.

There are people on the planet that could not imagine having a toilet inside the home. Think about it, the western world has the most digesting aspect of our humanity inside the home.

Philippines is Crazy and Fun


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If I was a nice guy, I would make post like this daily. Andy
If my Thai girlfriend was nice, she would include a subject in a sentence, however I intuitively know I do not want to understand.

Andy said
Why is there a lock on the toilet paper?

.......Life is cheap. Toilet paper is expensive.

hobotraveler is crazy himself,and made me crazy by his realistic thoughts,
i too, belong to india, was brought up in poverty and slums,,,,listening to hobos thoughts i goback to my child hood,


Ditzy, Old Lady, says just be happy you have toliet paper to lock up. You could have a outhouse and a catalogue instead of toliet paper AND OH YA, you might have to help fish the cat out of the toliet hole when some naughty boy throws it in.

I remember my university in midwestern USA had locks on the toilet paper. But this shouldnt prevent you from stealing it! It will just take you longer, you unroll it into another roll.

Seems like 98+ of public toilets I have encountered outside of the USA you have to pay to get in and the attendant will give you paper if you need it. This is the third world where it is cheaper to pay someone to guard the goods than to buy a lock.

I remember the toilet in NAIA didnt have toilet paper but had one of those water spigots which actually I think would be cheaper? But I havent seen them too much.

Two things are the most important things to have access to in the Philippines:


You can go to a buffet with fish, poultry, veggies and meat....but god help the restaurant should you run out of RICE!! The entire line will stop until that big pan of Rice is back on the steam tray. Nothing moves, nothing happens until Rice is served. There is no concern about going on by and getting your ham and chicken, then returning for rice....NO WAY...NOTHING MOVES until the Rice is back on the food line.

You want to see riots and revolution in the Philippines?? Raise the price of Rice a few pesos and millions will rip this country apart!! Almost happened last year when speculators hoarded rice and it went from 30p to 40p per kilo.....

Water is the nectar for all things filipino....especially for cooking and cleaning your body after the C.R. visit ( Comfort Room, Crap Room, Bathroom...whatever you wish to call it). Toilet paper is a nuisance to a Filipino...but it is handy to steal the roll and take it home to use it in all kinds of different ways. They do NOT need toilet paper to clean up....just a nice TABO of water and all is well. Toilet seats are totally un necessary here...SM Mall for all its modern facility does NOT have toilet seats or toilet paper!! Many a tourist have been known to hawk anyone have 5 twenties for a hundred? to dab away the montezuma revenge.....or to simply wad up the old skivvies or even the socks on their feet in an attempt to keep a little western dignity intact after a visit to the CR.

CARRY your OWN TOILET PAPER or face the consequences of hoping you can cope without during your travels in Asia.

It is called 3rd world for a reason....Broadband is the thing you have around your head to soak up sweat or wipe your ass when you forget you need to bring toilet paper!!


I am in the Vigan Hotel, truly a nice place in a Filipino 495 peso for two people way.

It is not Western, it is Filipino, but very nice, free coffee.

Shared toilet with Fan room in room 106, this had high speed Internet in the rooom with WIFI, they only Hotel we could find for any price with WIFI In the room.

IF there was no Toilet paper, I would not have commented, this would be normal for the Philippines. But to lock it up, this is special, this tells me they are thinking about me, demanding that their Philippines customers obey.

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