People Rich in Guatemala Vegetables

Guatemala Vegetables

There are some inaccuracies of anticipations in life, there is a belief that poor people are poor, however often they are rich. Sometime we are jealous of rich people and they are poor. I may have stopped looking at the home, the car, the possessions and now I feel I am looking at the food the can eat.

Seven years ago, approximately I was in Guatemala, I travel up through Xela to Chiapas, Mexico to San Cristobal Las Casas. I was told of hardship, difficulties, and life of never ending problems. However, I found food, bananas, fruits, vegetables in the market.

I am in a poor country rich in vegetables, I can see the growing from the window of the bus. Sadly, I now see a Taco Bell mentality that was not in Pana a few years ago. They did not have Tacos, it is more or a Taco Bell invention than a reality. This is close to the Tacos Al Pastor of Mexico.

However, people stop eating their vegetables some times and start eating the packaged products. Not a good move, however the food is available here, that is what made me happy. Shiny hair, fat little women, I am not worried much about these people.

Traveling by bus, taking photos through the pane of glass, there is a vegetable and food diversity that is wonderful. Maybe it is subsistence farming; however, they can and do grow the foods that are needed.

Changes in fields, changes in colors, changes in health.

This is the garden environment of my hotel, complete with a fun housekeeper that joke and laughs with me.

I for years have been alluding to a place to retire, talking about a place to retire, recommending a place to retire. I timed it; this place is 3 hours from Guatemala City, however best to stop in Antigua for a day.

This house rents for 213 Dollars U.S. per month, I think it says it has a sauna. Do you have a sauna?


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Looks like you are in San Marcos la Laguna just west of Panajachel. There is supposedly a place called Unicornio there that advertize a price of 35 Q / $4.67 US per night for a cabin with communal kitchen and hot water etc.

They have a one page web site ....


I want a Sauna... would I use a sauna? I wouldn't in England, it'd cost too much!

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