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Video of10 Ways to make the BlackBerry connect to the internet so you can surf and view pages. This explains how the Verizon Global E-mail connects.

Travel Tip - Save Money When Travel Clothing Can Be Washed In One Load - If colors are compatible you will save on laundry cost.

Asked to share food In Cote d'Ivoire when in reality they wanted me to give them my food.

Restaurants Versus Street Food, learn why Professional Travelers recommend you eat the majority of you food from street vendors.

List of Screenwriting Sites.

Explanation how a Disposable Poncho protects my camera inside my daybag.

A simple and cheap way to of Lighting Houses in the underdeveloped world. - Third World Solutions

Often people call their jobs a "Rat Race," here is a definition of Rat Race.

The electricity went off at 3:00 am mysteriously until 3:45 at Festival of Abissa in Grand Bassam.

Two people can have a conversation by using a the Systran Translation Project part of the Systran Translation software.

How many words in a book? To write a book you need to know how many words you need to write before you are finished.

The use of a Maxims to explain the world is part of the art of writing, if you can find the universally accepted phrase all argument ends.

Airport Coffee cost approximately five dollars per cup, this is expensive, here is a Travel Tip on how to save money.

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Using Tether.com and Verizon: The big question, does the 69.95 unlimited international data plan allow you to use the Tether.com system?

Abissa In Grand Bassam Cote d'Ivoire is a dance and drum festival for seven days by the NZima people celebrating telling others the years problems.

List of Books On Designing Web Usability, a collection of books, please add books about usability such as the one by Jakob Nielson.

Sharing a Computer with friends is problem both for security of information and safety and welfare of your computer.

Dating Girls uutside Of Neighborhood is often better than dating girls from the immediate neighborhood where everyone can see and know.