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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road Joke, this one explains why the chicken cross the road from the perspective of famous people...

I am not sure why, but the BlackBerry wants to be a business tool, but when I search for "Contact Management BlackBerry" all I get is rubbish.

How Do I Track Banner Ad Exits with Google Analytics, this is to help you understand how well banners perform.

If you needed to carry 10 antibiotics to a deserted Island, what ten antibiotics would you take? Please help define this list for travelers, what is best?

Which word order is best for Google Bot, is Weather City or City Weather better, the Google Feature search page may answer this question.

Please submit ideas or links on how to monetize a Travel Website

A savvy travelers have long lists of ways to lose a nights sleep, many Hotels place lights outside your window, now sleeping and when did the sunrise?

Losing weight fast can create an acid imbalance in your stomach, adding citric acid in the morning can cause stress leading you to eat.

Video explaining how a person can carry a day bag or front pack on one arm without needing to use the grip of your hand or fingers.

There is a handshaking ritual in Ghana and most of West Africa, if you realize what is happening you can communicate you want to know the girl better.

What is contentment and how does it relate to a persons happiness.

Photos and explanation of Peanuts or Groundnuts around the world.

In small villages, towns and cities of Ghana, West Africa there are bicycles with dump boxes on the back for waste management.

In hot tropical countries it is wise to choose the proper seat to stay cool, the person by the window normally has complete control, and will not help.

Mobile Office professionals benefit to know downloading works 3-5 times faster than uploading, this means you can hear on Skype.com, but cannot talk well.

An adventure traveler can observe signs and identifiers of escalating violence in a specific country or region and avoid or change path.

Black girls from Africa cannot grow long hair easily, therefore the often add hair extensions, this is not allowed for school girls, I am not an expert.

Location Independent defined, and explained in the context of how LIP's use Mobile Office skills to work in location independent situations.

While in Ho, Ghana I would eat at Fried Rice, the small restaurant has placed a pitcher or water, soap, plastic bowl and rag on every table.

The girl says, buy me a gift, you are a foreigner, the quick and easy gift is a stuffed animal.