Top 25 places chosen to live by seasoned, experienced, pro Travelers - Travel Destinations To Live 1 3 Months.

Wade Shepard - A Life Without Borders. Why he perpetually travels the world.

Earl Baron - Back in 1999 I left home for a 3-month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. That trip has yet to end.

Robin Reifel is presently in Venezuela.

President Obama Cashes a check at Bank Of America - Jokes Sent to Andy

Alcohol Drinks Health Alert In Guatemala 2011 - Jokes Sent To Andy

There is an oversupply of available single women between the ages of 40 and 65 from the USA or Europe on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

When you ask a question of a real man, he does not answer, "It depends."

Real Estate speculator overbuilt many tourists cities, there are many places where there is an oversupply of great homes to rent.

To make friends with a new group of people, it is best to talk about what interest them and not what interest you.

Dale Marsh born in 1935 has lived in Panajachel, Guatemala for over 10 years on Lake Atitlan, he is slowly becoming senile and needs help.

Successful people know how to save time, they copy success, their egos does not need to reinvent the wheel, they want to be effective.

When personal hygiene becomes impossible because of failure of infrastructure or human density you have true poverty. allows a person to call free from computer to computer free, then you can call landlines for a fee by having credit card attached.

Wade Shepard a perpetual traveler explains who a Real Traveler is or defines a Real Traveler.

There is a type of travel called sequential county living where a person move to next country and slowly visits the planet.

To be surrounded, engulfed, and drenched by a culture, when a person feels uncomfortable because nothing feels normal.

I found a job Overseas by accident, whatever you like to do, can be sold: Jobs Available For Foreigners

This show the Burpee exercise, a very aerobic exercise you can do in a hotel room while traveling the planet.