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If I was stupid, I would be able to close my eyes.

Body language means exactly what you want to say, and people do not argue with body language.

In general photos on Wikipedia.org are not copyrighted, and people are free to use them, however be warned, read the fine print before you use a photo.

Packing for travel by reducing volume in backpack by removing carton.

Three Videos of the Body Language of handshakes.

See on a map how many people are intentionally killed by country or region of the map.

Health explained naturally, how primitive or uncivilized cultures knows better.

Managing danger as a traveler of the world.

Video of Richard Branson's advice For Entrepreneurs starting a Business.

Mastermind Alliance is a way to bring together friends, family and workers for organizational skills, it is to form collaborations.

Boracay: Island History and Etymology

The simple reason I am able to travel the world. - Organizational Skills

People can live abroad, but order food from Britain and have sent to your home abroad.

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man - Conspiracy Theory

The major airline hubs, part of the "Wayfinding Maps" of HoboTraveler.com. This page is for planning a trip.

How to know the expat infrastructure exist for a live abroad community?

I wanted to go on record, I Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com gave 10 USD to Wikipedia.org on December 31, 2011 for year 2012.

Video explaining to take your time when living abroad.