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A video of Andy Lee Graham explaining how traveling made Tim Ferriss the author of the 4-hour workweek learn to be efficient.

Toothpaste Travel Tip Video Explaining what type of Toothpaste is best for travel. Showers And Baths

Video of Mission Statement Hobotraveler.com Andy Lee Graham 2012

Sangsik from Bhusan Korea Missing in Manila Philippines - Report Missing Person Manila Philippines

Keep It Simple Stupid, all I need to do today is shave, because a grateful person is happy.

There was a small earthquake felt in Sosua, and I ran for the door. Andy Lee Graham of HoboTraveler.com.

What you are buying from a Hotel is a "Bundle of Benefits," each one has a value.

I have no desire to be famous, yet I would like the money that often goes with fame.

American are unaware of the true cost of health care because nobody ever tells them, and they truly do not care.

The American died in the month of January, 2012 - Expat Killed Murdered Or Dies

Lesson number 6 by Andy Graham explaing how to find a cheap Hotel Room.

Hobo Traveler has a live webcam up and working in Sosua, Dominican Republic, it will be running daily between sunrise and 10 PM.

A person can often skip the large cities and go directly to their better destination saving tons of money on Hotel Rooms.

The police or politur of Sosua, Dominican Republic went around arresting the Haiti people living in Sosua on January 11, 2012.

You need to arrive before noon, and search for Hotel room in the morning to get the cheap prices for Hotel rooms.

Bob says this is good, Bob knows travel, so I recommend you take a look at http://earlyretirementextreme.com/

I Andy Graham Admit I am Addicted to Collecting Book Research Raw Data And I am Powerless to Stop.

I have lived in 800-1400 Hotel rooms, I try to never get a reservation, but I want the best room in the hotel or city.