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Zacarias Ferreira sings in the Dominican Republic - Music by Country

There are people who cook food, and there are people who do not... why?

Here is a list of problems to solve if I flew by airplane to the USA, got off the plane and tried to buy a van or motorhome for USA road trip.

Where is Andy Graham? I am on my way to Puerto Plata to live for a few day, it is March 4, 2012.

Where Is Andy Graham? Today is March 3, 2012, I have started collecting my stuff to move somewhere else in the DR, but soon to the USA.

This is a video explaining how I plan to shower or dip shower in the back of a mini-van on my USA road trip in 2012.

Is Google Com Big Brother, is this company now the George Orwell book 1984?

Education of people in Dominican Republic is challenging Niger Africa.

Table showing the averages of rain, temperature and other weather data for Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Where is Andy Graham? I am in Montellano, Dominican Republic in February of 2012 talking about my six Apartment video.

Video showing Six Apartment Buildings Renting in Sosua Dominican Republic for 300 U.S. Dollars Per Month.

Having friends in the cheap countries is an investment, these friends often do not have enough money to just share a coke with you.

“I am not a genius, I am just curious. I ask many questions. and when the answer is simple, then God is answering.” Albert Einstein

Dominican Republic celebrates Independence from Haiti on February 27 1844 - Events in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Video explaining how the parade is about to start, and how AA batterie are better.

This shows how I tied the computer cord around a window bar to stop people from tripping over cord and pulling off the edge of wall.

Web cam today in Montellano, Dominican Republic of parade, I am not sure, maybe celebration of new biofuel place or carnaval.

SMTP is blocked, I cannot send emails: am accessing the Interent here in the Dominican Republic using a Claro USB Wireless Internet Modem.

My friend Rafael in Montellano seems to always want to sing while driving his Motoconcha or Motorcyle taxi, here is a video.