Opening Drinks to Avoid Being Drugged

Opening Drinks to Avoid Being Drugged
Travel Tip

Did someone put drugs in your drink?
Drinks need to be opened in front of you to be safe.

Tourist and Travelers are often drugged in foreign countries, there are two major reasons this happens.

1. To rob you.
2. To have sex with the women against their wishes.

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

This bottle of Orange Fanta was opened in front of me here in Siaya, Kenya. The waitress left the top on the bottle to help me feel safe that the bottle was indeed opened in my presence.

Generally, people are drugged in Bars; the locals first must qualify whether you have enough money to rob you. Therefore, they will make friends with you, belly up the bar with you and then try to determine how much money you have.

Here is a list of simple guidelines to avoid being drugged.

1. Drink directly from bottle or cans, mixed drinks or draft beer makes you an easy mark.

2. If suddenly you have this new friend, if another person has initiated a conversation, they you need to beware. It is better if you start conversations; generally, people who start conversations with you do indeed want something.

3. Women should be careful going into bars alone.

4. Becoming too intoxicated, drunk or slammed and the drug is not needed, this is always a problem.

5. Know how you are going home, it is best to take a taxi when out on the town drinking, walking home is not advisable. If you are feeling tired or weak for any reason, it is time to leave. Leave alone or with a good friend, never leave with a new friend.

The two countries where I know this has happened are the countries of Turkey and Thailand.

Please add other guidelines on how to avoid being drugged.

Please add other countries where this is common.

Andy Graham of in Kenya, Africa

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Opening Drinks to Avoid Being Drugged


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Ive seen cases where a waiter makes it seem like they just opened a drink by faking it and making a similar drink opening noise on the way towards the customer, but it was already opened beforehand. Not necessarily to drug someone, but to deliver a diluted, reused or watered down drink, hence more profitable. Or water that is supposed to be filtered/bottled etc but isnt.

This tactic could also be used to drug somebody by reducing ones suspicion if your not paying enough attention in a crowded and noisy place.

Solo travelers certainly have to be more on guard, unfortunately.


All throughout Latin America, waiters make it a point to open the bottle in front of you, not on the way walking over. Apparently false drinks (probably not drugged drinks) have been a common practice in the near past. Since they all pucked up that habit, I see no har in insisting a bottle is openend right in fron of you, not on the way over.

A different matter is people trying to take advantage of you -for instance with the drugged drink tric- or any other way. The best advice Ive come accross is to learn to listen to your instincts, your gut feeling. Then, when in doubt, leave these people behind, and go. Dont be embaressed to do so. Once you learn to trust your instincts, youll hardly ever get in trouble. I know. Ive backpacked over 10 years, and never ran into problems.

Another trick ive seen is bad bottled water in other countries. The trick is they will re-fill an empty bottle with tap water for to make a profit, so any time you buy a 1L bottle of water at a store, give it a squeeze to make sure the seal has not been broken. This is something i have seen in India, in a small town where we were buying water and we had two bad bottles brought to us,both of which leaked at the seal and the waiter said he would go find one that was good, and he did. Just something to keep an eye for, especially where your in hot climates where water is sold in large quantities to tourists.

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