On Demand Web Content Management

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."
- Epictetus Greek Philosopher 55 AD

You do not have to look at this photo; you now have on demand photos.

I want to tell my friends, family and readers a secret…
"Enjoyment of life is now on demand, there is no clear reason to read this travel journal."

On Demand Web Content Management now allows me read, hear or watch on demand, I no longer have to accept what is put in front of me.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


Example of On Demand Life
When I was in the USA, I did not have cable television, I stopped at the video shop and rented a movie daily for one dollar, this cost me 30 dollars per month. Moreover, if I fell asleep during the movie, I just started the movie again; I never missed watching the whole movie.

We now have an on demand life, 12 years ago when I first started to travel, I accepted the new friends without question. Skype.com allows me to talk with my on demand friends, I do not have to talk with the locals, I can call my long term friends, I do not need to talk with people close to me, I do not have to live in Guatemala while I am in Guatemala.

Television on demand will soon be global.

Movies on demand.

Books on demand.

On Demand Web Content Management, I want you to think about this and stop your daily routine, you can read, watch, or hear what you want on demand, if you manage your web content properly.

However, personally I know the great lessons in life are learned by accident, not on demand, this is the conundrum. Do you get angry when I write something you do not like?

On Demand Web Content Management


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As a constant daily reader, I get mad at you when I feel you wrote something just to get your daily routine done. I believe most of your readers are quite tolerant with your posts, as long as they're sincere, whatever the content.

Yes, reading Hobotraveler is clearly On Demand Web Content :).

I am trying to get my mind around readers, I am not sure why to read my blog when they can google any subject they want. I do not read blogs.

I think words of wisdom or parables are the only reason to read or write. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has 1000's of photos of Guatemala posted to the Internet now. The photos or content are on demand.

People need to study On Demand Web Content Management ideas, or ask themselves, what is important.

On demand conversations, on demand books, on demand knowledge in wikipedia.org or downloading torrents of content.

Why are people on Facebook, do they feel as if they learned something? Do they feel as if they find friendship.

On demand teaches people to be selfish, not to accept todays post as ok.

Is the goal of writing to educate, or just to entertain, or should it be morally instructive?

Andy, if I may address to you so directly (since you're a small daily presence in my life)!

I read your blog because I enjoy the character that is portrayed through the posts. It is a cumulative experience, initially triggered by some things, when I first came here. I see there a person that has some things which I miss/try to develop in my life, in terms of self-confidence, discipline, lucidity, outgoing nature etc. I can't judge how much is reality, who is the real you (pretty much I guess!), but I don't even focus on that, since for now I only "consume" your literary productions. Apart of that I also enjoy the posts in which you describe fragments of the places you visit and how they function - that would some sort of anthropological "entertainment" (in lack of a better word).

I could also add that some of your posts make me question some things, but I am not sure if it's the content per se or rather my own nature who got used to have your blog and your character as frame for musings.

Having this personal interest in your blog and its character makes it easier to enjoy posts also as plain entertainment. Today's post is fun because it's quintessentially marginal, it made me smile before going to sleep, though I admit I read it in 1 minute, then closed the page.

I suppose most people who come here enjoy the literary you. Why do we read fiction, why do we read diaries in which others unveil corners of their worlds, it's because we meet ourselves and/or our dreams? There is nothing complicate, just a basic human need of imagery and thinking, in my opinion.

PS: The goal of writing should be all what you mention. At some point entertainment becomes part of everything else when there's an active involvement. And moral is activated only if the seeds are already in a person's heart.

I stumbled on your blog when I was researching my possible trip to Guatemala, and I've been reading ever since...past and present entries. For what? I guess your blog comes across to me as Authenticity On Demand, and that is what I want not just information and education, but some some sign of life, a sincere human behind the info.

Yes, I got a bit angry/ annoyed at some of your posts, mainly when I thought you wrote something just to get a rise out of people. I surprised myself when I still wanted to follow the blog afterwards.

It's not that blogs or facebook necessarily allow deep friendships, but they make web content feel personal. I think since your main goal in life/ traval has been to talk and get to know people, you don't get anything out of following someone on a blog. But not everyone gets out and converses with people as often as you. So Web content (sadly? fortunately?) makes people feel part of a conversation...as opposed to getting the info from a faceless place like wikipedia.

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