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Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip

Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip
I have a lightweight jacket in my Travelers Bag, I call it a Windbreaker, it is made of 100 percent nylon.

I carry a daypack that contains my camera constantly, when I wear the nylon jacket I am uncomfortable, the backpack continually slips off the shoulders.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Friday, May 15, 2009


When choosing a jacket and backpack, pay attention to the types of materials Ask yourself,
“Does this material slip?”

If it does slip the shoulder straps will continually slip off your shoulders.

I continue to carry this lightweight jacket, it is small enough to fold up and put inside the camera bag. I am a tropics traveler, if for some reason I was above or below 23.5 degrees of the equator for long periods of time; I would start searching for a better jacket.

Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip


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