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Nightstand Lamp Made from 7up Bottle

I read one to two books per week; I spend about two hours per day lying in my hotel bed reading a book. I found a great way to hold my Travelers Reading Light; this is one of the best, because raises the reading light high enough for proper lighting.

Wow, September 17, 2000, almost 10 years ago I first wrote about how to make a reading light.
Andy's Travel Tips Peru Sept 17 2000

Photos of Travel Lamps
Here is a great link, I was using a Casio Camera that cost 400 USD, today the same quality camera would cost 25 Dollars, and be sold in a Dollar store. I need to add this travel tip to this page, but I just am not sure, too much new, with too much old.
Reading Light for Travel

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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This is my Apartment room in Sosua; there is one light in the center of the ceiling, as is the custom in room for 80 percent of the planet. I keep bottles of water next to my bed; I use them as weights for exercise. I was having trouble with my light, so I connected it to the top of one of the bottles.

I have a clip on light I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, it works great. However, the bent coat hanger system from my travel tip of 10 years ago works well also and easier to find. I will one-day sell this small clip on light on this web site, I consider it an essential ingredient of making a great travelers nest.

Maybe you will say to yourself,
"I do not drink soda pop."

Well, either do I, but there is always a neighbor that feels compelled, obligated, to buy large bottles of something. You can take a foreigner out of their country, but you cannot remove their country from the foreigner. I do not think of myself as a foreigner, I am not from the USA, I am not from Europe, I am one of the true Global Citizens the liberal no nothings talk about, but do not understand.

I often debate whether it is possible to visit all the countries on the planet without being a reader, I think a person who does not read would lose the plot and go crazy.

Nightstand Lamp Made from 7up Bottle


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