Nairobi Kenya Airport Soon

Nairobi Kenya Airport Soon
I purchased a ticket from Nairobi, Kenya to Bangkok, Thailand for 530 US Dollars with Qatar Airlines. I am going to stop writing if possible, I am tired of East Africa and a good time to keep my mouth shut, I cannot think good thoughts so time to leave. The moment I started moving towards Nairobi Airport I gave up.

Nakuru, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, June 8, 2009


I want to avoid Nairobi, therefore I am in Nakuru, Kenya. As best I can calculate, I can take a van to Nairobi, catch a taxi to the airport and totally forego the need to experience Nairobi.

Nairobi Kenya Airport Soon


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I think this article is so moving. Good blogging - keep it up!!!!

What are you trying to avoid in Niabrobi? And where are you going?

I want to avoid all people who live in Nairobi. I estimate it to have little redeeming value. And I would have to pay double the cost for a city with five times the amount if violence, crime, beggars and the normal African talking crap. I can see that Nairobi has contributed much to the good of the Planet.

Bottom line some places on planet do not need visited in one life time.

So your Saying Obams home country is ? Like a typical black man ?

You Stink Andy !

Hmmm... Funny. You think there is a cultural relationship with Ohama and Kenya.

Chuck Wow explain who Obamas father was...

Best not to associate Obama with Kenya.

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