My Haiti Motorcycle Accident

I was in a motorcycle accident. It happened in Les Cayes when I was on the back of a motorcycle taxi. They call them Motos, and if there is an adventure to Haiti, it is the Motos and Traffic.

I define Adventure Travel when a person has the possibility of being killed. I know readers want me to be kidnapped, or attacked by rebels; I am more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Petit Goave, Haiti - Ayiti - Sunday, November 22, 2009
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What happened?

I went to the market, was walking back to the Hotel, flagged a Moto down, the driver was going very slow, being very cautious. Another very fast Moto passed us, and instantly crossed over in front of our Moto and parked his Moto.

We tipped over to the left spilling all the tools and junk on to the pavement. When I hit the ground, I scraped my left elbow, and then pulled my leg over something sharp on the rear of the bike, making a three-inch minor cut.

I may have come out this unscathed; except I was trying to make sure, I did not fall on my back where the camera was located.

So what does Andy Graham of do after a motorcycle accident, besides bleeding? I take photos, see my shadow, I had to do this very quick, the driver went over to argue with the other driver, if he was smart he would have secured the motorcycle to the side of the road, but that is not the way these countries work.

He was angry, I was laughing, and everybody was losing their cool. I walked up the driver, pushed 20 Gourde against his chest until he took it, then walked on down the road. In situations like this, people do not react rationally. I needed to leave the scene, but I did not want him looking for me for 50 cents US, that is why I paid him. A sense of justice, right and wrong, what is fair is less developed, in less developed countries. The further down the primitive scale you go the more the excitement, there is nothing soft and gentle about these poor cultures. The people of Haiti are not helpless, they are ready and willing to protect themselves.

Can a person from a developed country take care of themselves? Or is a person from an under-developed country like Haiti better equipped to deal with the world.

My Haiti Motorcycle Accident


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Andy, I remember reading some e from Evel Knievel... and I am paraphrasing because I couldn't find it online... Some people... about 20-30 hope I'll crash, and get hurt.

So ya, I'm sure 20-30 people were happy you went to Haiti, and others will have scheudfreude and be happy that you hit the pavement. Dust yourself off and get to where you need to go.

Glad you're not hurt! Like the picture showing your shadow, very cool.

Haiti sounds boring but dangerous. Not really a good combo.

No dying allowed! If you die then I don't get to travel vicariously! JK, I am glad you are ok.

Wow, you too huh? I was in Petit Goave March 2010. I needed to get to the clinic at Maranthan, so I hailed a moto. 3 of us a motorcycle is pretty dangerous, but you know how it is in Haiti....sometimes I see 5! Anyhow, on HWY 2, going about 45mph our moto's front tire gets hit with a nail! We immediately started fish tailing.

Much to the driver's credit, we did not end up in the ditch, nor did we hit the idiot driving the car behind us that decided to go around very closely. The driver managed to hold the bike up long enough to slow down to about 30mph, and then couldn't hold it anymore. The bike got laid down on the left side, and pitched everyone backwards. I was the last one on the bike, so everyone landed on me.

Now you know, NO ONE wears helmets at all. Luckily for me, I was wearing my backpack full of crap. It saved my life! My back was not injured, and my head didn't get cracked open...but my tailbone did crack, and I had a nasty section of road rash on my bum. It definitely could have been a lot worse though. I thank the driver and my backpack.

I'm going back in June for two months, I will only travel moto in the city, never again on the highway! LOL

Oh, the other two were fine, they landed on me. Both were men, of average size, and me, I'm only 5'2, 115lbs!

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