Moyale Ethiopia

Moyale Ethiopia
I am in Moyale, Ethiopia where I stayed a couple of days, there also is a city called Moyale, Kenya, I will cross into Kenya today and live a couple of days in Moyale, Kenya.

Moyale, Ethiopia is a great city where you can walk up close and see the round wooden homes.

Moyale, Ethiopia
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

A person can see this type of home up close in Moyale, Ethiopia. I made a nice video however have been having problems finding a place to upload. Notice how the locals are using plastic instead of making the roofs out of leaves and other brush.

After visiting most of the Hotels in Moyale, I finally enjoyed living in the Baraka Hotel, which is just down the road from the bus stop. It has parking, very clean and cost from 20-40 Birr. Most of the Hotel on the main road are in the midst of chaos all the time. This Hotel is located off the road and surround by homes, not the truck stop version of Hotel like the ones on the main road.

Africa is truly a difficult place to have your clothes washed, if and when I stay in the tourist Hotel, I have the biggest problem. I was able to have this woman wash my clothes in the Baraka Hotel for 20 Birr, about 2 dollars. I was elated to have all my clothes washed, about 90 percent of the time I must do them myself here in Africa, and I am not the best person for this job.

I walked from the Hotel down the hill across a divide or small dry stream, found this camel, many homes, and make a video. I am sad because I have not found a place to upload. I should have done it in Moyale, Kenya…

Moyale Ethiopia


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