Motor Home in USA, but Caravan

Motor Home

In the rest of the world they call them Caravans, however in the USA they call them Motor Homes, a home with a Motor.

I am plotting to travel the USA, and I am thinking I will buy a Motor Home the next time I return home. I can find a very good one for around 1000-2000 dollars. I am very mechanical and a motor home does not get touch treatment.

Most rich type or too much money for themselves people buy them and keep them safe, stored in barns, and never use them, so a motor home is a almost always in good shape.

I need to buy one...
Small enough to fit in normal parking spot.
Able to walk from drivers area to back without going outside.
Shower and toilet inside.

Should start to make a list

I am thinking this will be better than a mini-van, I could snag travelers in Hostels to share the gas expense.

I am going to find out about doing the same in Europe.


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isn't it sort of traditional to get the old VW camper van/shaggin wagon/ peace cart types? ;oP

I can't remember if you can get from front to back officially, but i remember jumpig over the chairs to it, so it's possible. They probably fold forward or something to make life easier.

They can house about 3 people in a suprisingly small space. There is a fold-out bunk-bed in the middle (which goes into the ceiling) and then there is a bit at the back (this is assuming they are all the same inside).

one danger, allegedly, is that people can jump on the roof and knife the person on the top bunk... but provided you don't enter a war zone or upset some crazy people you probably won't encounter that issue. (this is said because, when folded out, the bunkbed extends a canvas bit out of the roof to make room)...

see here:

When I wrote about what type of women I needed, one side requirement was.

"Not afraid of anything!
Able to overhaul the motor or a Volkswagen van.
Hates to shop."

In this links:

Yes, for sure the VW Camper van is the Caravan of choice for the diehard traveler. And sure would be great to find one to tour Europe in, however I am thinking in the USA because I understand the country I could get a big one where I could house maybe 6-8 people and more room. I could snag some extra friends to share the trip in Hostels.

Finding a VW Van has become more difficult in the USA also, Shaggin that is a Brit word, where are your from Ash?

I am making the link of Ash clickable about the Van.

I'm England born and bred and, in true British style, am rather self-conscious about it ;o)

or something like that. I think we've all been watching American TV for too long and we're actually starting to be a proud nation once again... which is probably a good and a bad thing like most else.

My grandparents bought a VW when I was small and were going to tour Britain, but my Grandad died and my Grandma had to sell it. It was a nice custard-yellow one and all!

I remember reading your "travel companion specification" thingy and thinking how I probably don't fit any of the things all that well..!

yes, shaggin wagon... straight out of Austin Powers I think..

At least in the USA (probably esewhere) there are a great many previously owned RV's (Caravans) to choose from wherever retirees congregate for the winter. For whatever reason they may not leave in their rigs. Maybe because of a decision to stay in the winter haven once reached, or needing cash, the death of an elderly traveling companion or spouse... These places have many, many RV's sales outlets. Used RV lots line the roads like weeds. One such place for these are the adjoining towns Palm Springs/Desert Hotsprings, California. South Padre Island, Branson and orlando are other likely places to shop.

You can always sell it for traveling on funds after your trip.

Thanks Ash,
Send Photos.. hehehe
Shag is not an American word.

England should always be proud, great history, conquerering the planet in wood ships with no telephone. A logistical nighmare.

aah wooden ships... sailing has always been a fancy of mine. I'm only qualified to sail small dinghies on non-tidal waters though i'm afraid... but I have been on a yacht as a crew-member when i was younger. fun fun :o)

I shall send you some photos once i've got them together (the only digital camera i have is my webcam, and my scanner makes everything pink at the moment...)

I'm a male Ash, in case I have been ambiguous (I've been thought to be a girl online before when I wasn't being ambiguous... so yeah, i'm more careful now!) I'm 18 and trying to find a job to pay for my travels next year before heading to university to accumulate some debts, then travel some more to avoid paying them off... (you have to be earning 15K pa or more here before you pay back student loans).

Ash a boys name...


Should I be more careful with names from England, I suppose so.

yes... he he
it's spelled different normally, but you would only get that from the second syllable of my name i guess. I spell it Ashley, while most girls seem to spell it Ashleigh or Ashlee.

except the girl I know spells it like me, and so did the other boy with the same name in my class... so we all sat on the same table to piss off our history teacher!

I've now updated my Blogger profile, so you should see a picture. Normally I have shaved of course, but on that occasion... well i didn't.

I figured hiring a camper would be a simple thing but it's not quite true. It took me a while but I found some guys who've got good prices and now I'm off to St Ives on a fishing holiday. Really looking forward to it. It's a bit of a sqeeze with all my gear but that's all the fun I guess. I went for because of their seventies style!

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