Maradi Niger 8 Hours from Niamey

I will be in Maradi, Niger soon, it is about, I hope 8 hours from Niamey, the Capital of Niger.

I have no clear explanations on where to go or where to look for the feeding stations or places that are being helped here in Niger with the Food Crisis.

I am realizing everyday that this type of problem did not sneak up on them, there was no sudden abrupt day when this happened. This is a long-term situation, plus for sure the NGOs, U.N and every other agency has been here for years.

I leave the room at 3:00 to catch a 4:45 morning bus to Maradi.


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Are you ok Andy? Let me know, I love this website! I know you have family, but you always have friends :) Please email me back, I have never gotten an email from a famous person! Thank you very much.


Can we see pics of you? I searched your whole website and no pics of you and ty a lot you have gay fans as well!

I do not have photo on the site of me, because of many reason, mostly I like to be just another person in the many.

Famous, hmmm... Thanks, not so famous though, just Andy going around the planet finding girls on beaches.

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Click on Contact, thank from Zinder, Niger

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