Map to Léogane Haiti and a Hobo

I landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti yesterday and now I am in the city of Léogane, Haiti located about 20 miles West of Port-au-Prince. Greg and Jasmine took me under their wing at the airport, I felt like a true Hobo. They brought me to their home where they feed, cloth and care for up to 40 children, I think there is about 35 small ones in the home right now, plus one extra large American boy called Andre en French.

I initially was planning on traveling immediately for Port Salut, but landed here in Léogane in an interesting home away from home situation, I had a fried egg for breakfast, cooked by Jasmine a French Canadian married to Greg from California running this group home for children.

Léogane, Haiti - Thursday, November 5, 2009
18 751098E - 2047382N

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I have been fully engaged in the lives of small children for the last 24 hours, it is truly refreshing to see so many children in one location. They tend to line up to get hugs, one after another, waiting in their turn. The shy ones come up close, edging ever closer, the slowly I put my large arms around them and bring them in, giving them something they need, or maybe I needed this.

A serendipitous situation brought me here, I tend to believe these children will help me.

Map to Léogane Haiti and a Hobo


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