Map of Indonesia Surakarta

Map of Indonesia

As it looks now, I am going to fly to Solo on Wednesday, this city has and official name of - Surakarta -.

There is an airport in the city at the epicenter of the Earthquake, however I guess it is closed. Solo is less than 50 miles from Yogyakarta or also the name of Djokjakarta.

I thought I would need to fly to Surabaya, or maybe Jakarta, it is looking like I can get closer. I have not purchased the airplane ticket, therefore all plans can change.

This is an overview map of the country of Indonesia.

The decision to go to the Earthquake area become more obvious when you know that I wanted to go see the Volcano, then you see that the Earthquake is less that 100 mile away from the Volcano.

Earthquake City
Yogyakarta population of 477,000 people more or less.

Airport close that is open.
Solo population of 519,000 people more or less.

Map of Indonesia


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Ten Bird Flu death's in Indonesia during the last week (careful with that Chicken Fried Rice).

400,000 - 500,000 dead so far from the undersea earthquake just offshore Yogyakarta (think Tsunami while at the beach there).

A preeminently eruptive volcano (point of interest, Mt. St. Helens' pyroclastic flows killed people up to 18 miles away).

... you sure know how to have fun!

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Andy - for god's sake take care! You are our eyes and ears with which we see and hear the world; and, yes, our nose for smelling it and our mouth for tasting it. Without you, all this will be lost. I'm praying for you every night. Keep reporting from the scene - your stuff is real, unlike all that bulls*&% from the world's press, written by people who might be able to string together a few coherent sentences but are flown in and flown out without understanding what's happening to our planet. You know what ordinary people feel. Peace and safety be with you.

Rick Astley

THe earthquake hit Sumatra, not Java. Beautiful country, don't forget Bali! Enjoy! Cb.

Dogonnit Andy! You've done it again! Off on one of your "trips" and forgetting to turn off (1), The upstairs office lights, (2), The garbage disposal, (3), The bathtub faucet, The big-screen/plasma T.V., and the hair dryer! You ALSO neglected to notify the L.A. Times newspaper, Gentleman Quarterly magazine, AND the bottled water company to hold-off on the deliveries while you are away. Why can't you ever remember to do it...WHY??? The neighbors have been complaining for years and years about not being to access their own homes without undergoing a somewhat long and perillous hike into and out of their houses. Again, Andrew, your careless inaction to postpone those services and deliveries have caused such a cluttered back-up for a perimeter of several miles. The constant flow of water coming from your upstairs bathroom keeps the entire neighborhood gooshy and smelly much like a swamp or bog. There are mosquitos,really BIG ones, gnats and fruit flies everywhere that they can find air to fly... and it is almost impossible to locate the sun! I have never in my entire lifetime whitnessed so many salamanders, pollywogs, frogs, slugs, Water-Moccacins, and unidentifyable floating or submerged slimy/smelly matter all concentrated within the epicenter of just a few miles! But enough of me going on about news from home...we here just can't wait to read more about your latest adventures. We all miss you. Please email us soon. Oh, I almost forgot to ask if you recieved the fruit cake package we sent. Well. anyway...enjoy your vacation. The family..

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