Map Isiolo to Nanyuki Kenya

Map Isiolo to Nanyuki Kenya
I paid 200 Shillings for a small van to take me from Isiolo to Nanyuki, Kenya, a quick trip even though there was lots of road construction. Nanyuki is a city people use as a base to climb Mount Kenya, a small mountain of 5199 Meters or 17,057 Feet.

Isiolo, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 6, 2009

I have been debating with myself now for weeks,
“Is there a reason to go to Nairobi?”

If you seen one big city, you seen them all, however I do know on the coast of Kenya is the city of Mombasa, and this area could be nice.

As of today, I am planning on working my way slowly over to Nakuru, where I think the road leads to Uganda. I am planning to make a big circle into the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and then back to Nairobi for a flight out of Africa.

If the transportation and the path is great in Tanzania, it is possible I just keep going south to and fly out of South Africa.

Map Isiolo to Nanyuki Kenya


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Yes, Niarobi is just another smelly city, lots of diesel fumes. Travelling around Lake Victoria sounds good, climb Mt Kiliminjaro and go to Mombasa..I hear it is quite nice..and fly home from there.

yeah, Isiolo is a town that can be described as a city, with ove 40,000 population, mainly living
on the towns periphery on shanties similar to slums
all inhabitants are just immigrates from out of the town area, either from deep in the rural areas due to the many cattle rustling and tribal clashes, or from the rest of kenya, who have moved to isiolo for employment, business and actually on ...TRANSIT....

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