Manila Philippines from Singapore

I am in the country of the Philippines.

I am in the city of Manila.

The plane from Singapore one Jet Star was completely full of women, one Philippine lady said they was hard workers.

Life is good, however I am very sad, the Shawarma place has closed and replaced by something awful. This is one reason I do not recommend much, here today gone tomorrow.


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You flew to the Philippines to eat a sandwich!!! Hehe. Lucky there's a lot of streetside Shawarma stalls and you'll find other restaurants specializing in this popular Arab finger-food. Might try:

Uncle Saddam's Shawarma Grill
M. Adriatico St.

I'm sure you can find plenty. Popular with students because of their low cost and large size. So, you might check around the University also.

- Chris Smth


Uncle Saddam's Shawarma Grill

It appears to be out of business, I am hoping it just moved. This was one of my favorite places on the planet.

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