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Living on a Budget is a Lonely Planet

Please, I challenge you, stand up and say,
"I am cheap."


Stand up and say,
"I’m a big spender."

"OK" is the most common word on the planet.
Calling a person "cheap" is the most common insult on the planet.
Saying, "I am poor" is the most common complaint on the planet.
Wanting to be a "big spender" is the most common goal on the planet.

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Méchant is the word Cheap in French
This translations of cheap into French explains how people view people who are cheap.

Cheap in French:
(normal) pas cher; (nasty) méchant; (mean) pingre

Ghana, West Africa --- Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Math Skills + Common Sense = Travel Budget

Living on a Budget is a Lonely Planet,

Travel Budgets by Country

We sold our first photo today for 25 US Dollars, this is great news for the company of HoboTraveler.com. Boy Genius from India made the photo sales system, then Jane from the Philippines labeled it, which allowed the photo to be indexed by the search engines.
Ruby Roasted Clay

What that means, is somebody searching for Ruby Roasted Clay could find the page, and for some reason decided to purchase.

Thank you, Boy Genius and Jane, this is good work.

What is size bus is becoming the standard size on planet?

Living on a Budget is a Lonely Planet


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