Kisoro Uganda Photos

Kisoro Uganda Photos
Kisoro, Uganda is a long village with mountains on each side.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, May 14, 2009


The view of a mountain that separates Uganda from Rwanda, it is only about 5 miles from Kisoro to the Rwanda border I am told.

This may be a volcano; it does not look like one to me, however maybe it is possible. There are volcanic rocks near the Bam Hotel where I am staying. There are smallish mountains on both sides of the village of Kisoro.

There is an ambitious amount of farming going on between Kabale and Kisoro, Uganda. The local farmers have notched out terraces, these are not traditional terraces reinforced by rocks. They have hacked down the terrace with their hoes to make for flatter areas. This is truly ambitious for Africa; there is a prodigious amount of work going on here in Uganda. The country is the most industrious country that I have visited so far of the 12 countries I have visited in Africa. I consider it incredible they got motivated enough do to this type of farming.

Note, Kabale is 1775 meters above sea level and Kisoro is about 1825, the weather is cooler. There is no doubt the colder the climate, the more ambitious people become.

Uganda is very green; this country will truly be beautiful if they can eventually pave all the roads. The red soil of Africa truly makes the place feel somewhat grubby; the color does not help the general sense of cleanliness. I often know it is clean as any other country, however the red soil on my shoes shows the tracks into my room much better than a sandy color.

I have yet to suss out which set of mountains has the Gorillas or Pygmies…

Kisoro Uganda Photos


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nice place to visiting. thanks for information. It help me who like traveling.

Beautiful country!

But I hope they dont cut down every tree. In a few years time the rain will errode the earth from the hill me thinks.

I wonder if the amount of ambition is inversely proportional to the amount of aide? And which came first, the amount of ambition or the aide?

Bob L

You know, the red earth is one of my favourite things about Africa. I think its beautiful. Of course, you can never wear while because the red dust gets on everything and is IMPOSSIBLE to wash out. know what!!!!! i do like my place of birth,kisoro is ever green and good features,climate ever good so don't you think i like it? am a bornman from kiiiisooooroooo

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