Kericho Kenya

Kericho Kenya
A person in Nakuru, Kenya said,
“Kericho is Ever Green.”

And this appears to be correct, the city of Kericho appears to be forever green because it is surrounded by Tea Plantations and where there are not Tea bushes planted, there are Evergreen Trees.

As I entered the city my enthusiasm for Kenya grew, here was a village that was the opposite of the desert, somehow green was becoming my favorite color. This city is between 1900 and 2100 Meters above sea level, and it rains a lot in the afternoons, brief showers that turns the city green and keeps the dust from the red soil of Africa to a minimum.

Kericho, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 13, 2009

This lady standing in front of Tea Bushes is giving me the thumbs up, she was happy to see me, and happy to have her photo taken. Somehow the happiness levels raised in Kericho a truly nice city in Kenya.

These are three girls who work in the Ukwala grocery store, the one on the left is Irene, the one on the right is Belinda, the name of the one in the middle has left my brain. Irene has beautiful hair and we met when I looked at her and brazenly said,
“Your hair is beautiful, is it yours?”

On hindsight, this is not the proper way to meet women, however my curiosity overran my sense of manners. The hair of Africa women does not grow long, normally about four inches is the maximum length before it starts to break off. As I suspected she had hair extension, however there was no way to tell it was not her hair, they really do a good job.

I had many funny conversations with the friendly people in the Ukwala Grocery store, a huge store that appears to owned by people from India, I was curious about the name, they say Ukwala means,
“Those who like Fish.”

If you notice these three girls are stationed in front of the Ice Cream freezer, as they was standing there, the one starts to tell me how life in Kenya is difficult, and not the same as the USA. Trying to put things in perspective I said,
“Yes, standing in front of the Ice Cream protecting it is a difficult job.”
I then said,
“There are worst jobs in life than helping people to buy Ice Cream.”

The USA and the world has an unrealistic view of Africa, however, what is worst, somehow the Africa people believe they are poor and disadvantaged, people continue to tell them and they continue to believe, thereby destroying optimism.

I added another comment,
“Hmm, you do not have Butter Pecan or Chocolate Chip, your life is rough.”
The man comes over and says,
“We have Chocolate Ripple, isn’t that the same?”

Kericho Kenya


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I am a resident of Kericho. Yes the place is relatively beautiful. But we lack innovation to turn it to tourist destination.
There are few good hotels just to mention.
The beauty of the surrounding is really a gold mine.
But you are right on the issue of poverty in Africa. The first World has forced Africa to believe that they are poor and it will remain for very long time before we (including myself) realize that.

Africans actually don't appreciate how they are. Examples are they extend their hair, try to use some chemicals to lighten their skin just to mention but a few.

thanks for your observation in the shortest time while you were in this town

I am a resident of kericho.The place is beauty,the place is ever green,gold and a wonderful environment.

Kericho's beauty is unrivaled. It is is green, it is natural and breathtaking! The ladies in Ukwala are ladies I have met during my 2 year stay there! If you are looking for fresh air, cool environment, this is where you ought to be thinking about for your next vacation! For a place to stay, there are plenty of guest houses nearby that can offer you, clean, cheap first class accommodation with all the amenities you can find anywhere!

Kericho provides a standard terrain for athletics trainings. Its link with the Mau forest makes a conducive conditions for increasing oxygen depth that is required for endurance. It is quite interesting to watch men and women racing along the brittle paths in between the tea plantation.

i was born and bred in kericho, lived in kerenga tea estate, i wonder if anybody in kerenga still remembers bwana mistry,my dad who worked for kenya tea company( Brooke Bond Liebig) for 30 years from 1937 to 1967!!

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