Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010

I believe the path to religious salvation is believing in good, and ignoring anyone who tells me what I should be doing,
"Andy, sex before marriage is a sin."
"Andy, do you believe in God?"
This is not a question; it is a statement of what I should be doing.

Love is not shame; it is acceptance and a sincere and honest attempt to avoid the majority of people who took the wrong turns in life.

When I want to know a person, I just peek at their soul. I believe a good person can instantly sense the difference between light and dark, evil and good. I do not believe in religious rules, they are what people use to start fights; there is no way to shame me into becoming controllable.

Civil War in Ivory Coast
What is the true story behind all the problems in Ivory Coast that has the country on the brink of civil war?

I want to cross Ivory Coast and go to Liberia by land, I am not excited about traveling across Cote d’Ivoire during a civil war between Christianity and Islam fighting over who gets to steal the money of the people.

I have been waiting for Ivory Coast, the proper name being Cote d’Ivoire to stop having two Presidents. The finally vote on November 28, 2010 happened, and both candidates claimed victory, and both candidates had themselves sworn in as President…

My studies of the world have lead me to conclude, there has been religious conflict between Christianity and Islam for 2000 plus years. If appears that war breaks out on border between the two religions often, religions seems to be the excuse for war, money is what they fight over, it is an unholy world.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, December 18, 2010


Christian Missionaries
I about gag when somebody tells me there are Christian Missionary, an overwhelming sense of evil seems to circle around these people. Radicals have hijacked Islam, the bullies run the religion. I want to encourage religions; I believe that seeking a God is a good thing; however, I would ask a person to ignore anyone who says they are holy. I tend to think of myself as a sinner trying to be holy; I have not arrived in heaven yet, still another trip to make.

Anyway, you do it, it is best to believe in good, hedge your bets, be a good boy, and walk away from religious people who want to fight.

Now the question I have, can I sprint across the bottom of Ivory Coast and avoid this violent conflict?

Ivory Coast - 38 percent Islam and 32 percent Christian.
Cote d’Ivoire

Alassane Quattara is Islamic and represents the Northern sub-Saharan group.
Alassane Quattara

Laurent Gbagbo is Christian and represents the Christians along the coast of Ivory Coast.
Laurent Gbagbo

Sharia Law is always a scary story to read.
Sharia Law

The right answer is not Christian or Islam, the right answer is to allow them to fight and walk on the other side of the street. Yet, there is value in a yes being a yes, and no being a no, and bringing the truth into the light.

Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010


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Andy, Islam couldn't have been at war with Christianity for 2000+ years. It is a 1400 year old religion.

Hi Andy.
According to
the Prophet Mohammed was born in 570 in the Arabian city of Mecca.
Even if Islam conflicted with Christianity during the entire time they have coexisted, that conflict extends 1441 years at most, not 2000.
Bon voyage to you, always.

Thanks for the clarification.

if for sure has been going on a lot longer than just the Iraq War and 9/11, terrorism and all this crazy stuff has a long history.

I have been laughing at the number of readers who think Africa is Violent. I think in Rwanda about 800,000 people were killed.

I think Germany killed 20 Million Russians in WW II.
50 Million died, the modern world is good at killing, not good ole primitive Africa, they just get in tribal skirmishes and go wipe out the other side.

Germany performed genocide on five million Jews, so who is violent?

I see the danger in life as a group of drunk football fans, after 11 PM at night.

Hi Andy
I think their civil war has been going on since 2002 and it originally had to do with changing from a dictatorship to a democracy and the main problem was with the definition of a citizen and who was allowed to vote. I didn't think it was anything to do with religion. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Even religious wars are usually about greed not religion. Truly religious people do not start wars, they're just posers, like our own sorry excuse for a president, Bush. Just because someone defines themselves as a Christian is no reason to buy into it. Thou shalt not kill should have some meaning.

Muhammad didn't start getting messages from God until he was 40 and he died in 632 in his 60s. He actually used stories from the Bible and the Eid holiday is an example. He claimed to be the last prophet. Sad to think that God was finished sending us clues way back then. I think there's evidence that we still aren't getting the message, no matter what religion we follow.

If you know people where you want to go you might be able to go overland. Usually people treat you the way you treat them, but in a civil war situation anything could happen. Do you really want to risk it?

There are two competing motivations.

African politicians want the right to steal all the tax money, they want to be dictators, but know this is not so politically correct in a modern world.

They then use the Religions to pose one against the other, and get the naive religious people to take sides. Now, nobody talks openly and the a USA person always seems to want to remove religion, because it has little influence in the USA.

However, religion is ever present in Africa, every sign on every building has a reference to religion connected. Like God Bless you Haircuts.

To not include religion in the mess would be to deny that the North of Cote d'Ivoire is Islamic and the South is Christian. Truly a north vs south thing,and anger is easy to find in an highly religious person.

I could bring a religious person to fight in second, they are seldom at peace.

So I walk on the other side of the street, even though I believe.

There is something about going through the eye of a needle, this is how confusing the path is to finding peace. I just write, people will for sure become angry when I write about what they want in the dark

Fun stuff, and truly not a big issue for me.

Life is a risk, I want to go to Liberia, land trips is travel, airplane trips are tourist, I need the land trip to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Is it dangerous, I think for a White Christian in the middle of an Islamic area that starts to have riots... then yes. Can I predict a riot? No.

I think I can go all the way across Cote d'Ivoire in one day and limit the time in harms way.

No risk, no rush.

Adventure requires the possibility of dying, the bottom line is this, I am more likely to get killed by a taxi running over me, than a riot.

What annoys me the most is the press lying, there is no information source to be trusted. Note, I am not the normal, I know someone Africa project worker. Africa does not need help or saved, it is just fine.

DITTO! My thoughts exactly I have always thought if Jesus came down to earth, entered most any church professing organized Christianity that he would vomit. Such divisions between people of faith seems pointless and hypocritical to me and seems to continue to cause perpetual bloodshed. Somebody or some group helps fan the flames of people differences for with their own private agenda and to further their private interests.

Now to GO or NOT to GO! Weigh your options and the logistics and the best optimum pathway / roads to cross over to Liberia with the least chance of encountering sudden wild fire violence, wake up and follow your inner gut feeling and either GO FOR IT or accept that gloom and doom is sometimes near enough to stop you from falling over the cliff by making the wrong decision. Either way go with it and be true to yourself.

Weird how people like to nitpick and point out criticism or mistakes in one's writing or ones speech. be it 1400 year or 2000 years most anyone would understand that since each religion was adopted the followers of each have collided head on.

religion is about personal transformation Religion, all religion when practiced CORRECTLY is about PERSONAL transformation. When Religion, any religion, seeks to transform society they become political.
Religion should NEVER be mixed with politics. All through history and on every continent and including today on every continent whenever the religious fanatics gain political power they all behave the same way. the name of the religion is irrelevant. Observe born again GW Bush, and now Barak Obama dropping bombs on untold numbers of innocent civilians (what would Jesus say about this??) The Ultra orthodox extremests jews in Israel have murdered intentionally and through "collateral damage" hundred and even thousands of Muslims and Christians (what would Solomon say about this?). Hindus burn alive train loads of muslim pilgrims and slaughtered countless Sikhs (What would krishna say about this?) The Thai Buddhist police and king are overseeing the ruthless repression of political disenters and Muslims in the south (What would buddha say about this?)
When your religion stops being about YOUR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and becomes about the TRANSFORMATION of your neighbor. The result is always thinly disguised murder in the form of executions, collateral damage police repression or some other synonym for homocide.
Respect for all religions your own and your neighbors is the true teaching of all holy men.

Some other search results were written by Missionaries

Met one missionary type here in El Salvador once who wanted to go to Africa and 'convert muslims', told him rots of ruck as they say in Las Vegas

Only about 4 months ago read some glowing travel articles urging people to visit Cote D'Ivoire as tourists

When I was a medic in war or conflict zones, the most deadly thing is crossfire, a stray bullet, a friend of mine who was War Correspondent for Agence Presse-France in 1980s Central America has one in his hip

My advice is take another route if there is raging civil war........

HOWEVER the US Embassy in Cote D'Ivoire thas not issued any urgent travel warning to that countrysince 2003 and the longest recent thread
on that country's group is a meetup thread from local Hash hound Harriers, ex pats who jog and socialize together worldwide click on

So before you travel to Liberia overland, get a second opinion online from a foreign resident of the Ivory coast.

A normal day, nothing special. It was in Lagos, we in a yellow cab. There was police control with guns in front where we had to drive, somewhere in the city. The driver got nervous. My wife, a tough one, told him to be calm, drive gentle and slow and stop when they say stop. He wanted to run, but she made him how she said. The police looked at us, inside the car, saw the white man, all looking good and nobody dangerous, there was no trouble, we continue without a real stop. The driver was the most happy one. He said the first time in his life no problem in such a situation... he could not believe it.
Suddenly, about 100 meters after the police: pag! pag! I told my wife this where shots! She would not believe it. A car passes us with high speed, followed by the police.

I guess: That one had not stopped in time and they shot after him, in OUR direction. They did not hit us. There where in some distance in front of us many people waiting for the buses. Hope they did not catch the flying bullets....

A few days later I saw in the papers news about a shooting police and ?? with some people killed. Was not far away from from the road where we were driving along...

Think what you want.

Listen to the locals and make clear with the driver and passengers before driving: Whatever happens, no heroes wanted. The ones with guns make the game. You can drive closer to them to talk, but in an appropriate manner. So try to cope and VISIT YOUR GIRL IN Ivory coast. Have a pic on hand of her. Normally nobody wants to trouble you in such a case.
It may be helpful to have little cash on hand for HELPING THE GUNMEN SUPPORTING THEIR FAMILIES IN THIS DIFFICULT TIMES and they may please let you continue your overland travel to your girl. Maybe you can ask them to inform the next control that the car with the white one is no risk because of CHECKED WELL. Maybe someone form the passengers should do that for you. Friends are a good thing.

Try to avoid any crowd where you cannot disappear to safer places.

You can alternatively pass the country in the north and avoid it complete. Since you have time.

The best is: Lord, go with Andy and give him an easy trespassing, wherever he goes, in Jesus name, Amen.

Philosophy is all bs when the you know what hits the fan. There was Peter, who bought an enormous amount of land in Nicaragua, started 'organic'ming, put up a website and yahoo user group, hired locals and volunteers came down from States, married a 17 year old (then) local girl, then one day two guys came out of nowhere with machetes and put Peter in the hospital, his wife got the farm and the website, online Peter was quite a dazzling philosopher, Peter is still around on a forum, still a philosopher, but no farm, yes, I live in Third World, seen that and that, saved lives and had mine saved, no philosophy, just common sense and good luck most of the time, yep I am 'aware' when I walk one block to the little tienda to purchase snacks, called situational awareness. Smile and keep smiling. Take it one day at a time. Don Lee, Ex Pat, Survivor, no more no less and Happy holidays/ Merry Christmas season to all
Support out Troops even if you don't support the war or any wars, send em a Holiday greeting online if possible.
Good day to all. All we have is 24 hours.

When ever I have to fly or travel thru Muslim territory I whip out the ole' Koran and pretend I am reading it. It's worked so far and recieve quite a few smiles and easy passage.

Chuck 3:12

This map is not very accurate. While I was in Mozambique I found the interior to be near 100 Muslim. I did not see any churches but did see several mosques and I saw about a dozen different men wearing t-shirts with a picture of an airplane crashing through the twin towers on the front and a picture of bin laden on the back, with infinite words of praise.
I agree with you in regards to traveling overland being a sense of accomplishment. Travel in Africa-hell, anything in over there is a real test of patience. I am a type A+ personality and inefficiency drives me crazy. I know this is an old one and nobody will prob see I'll catch up to chime in..

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