I Have Time for Perfect Thoughts

Yes, of course, the word "perfect" and the concept are more about dreams than reality, I know that, but I can try.

I have been observing this woman as she meanders from safe place to safe place, hiding from the world in plain site, but still living in the streets, obvious to everyone, but not seen.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, May 29, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


I am grateful, I know there will always be misfortune, and accidental twists of fate, but today as I watched her, I knew I could have a perfect thought.

I know I live a lifestyle, I have the life, I have the ability to think about this woman for as long as necessary, and the perfection is just that, I do not have an excuse to stop thinking. I have no solution for her plight, however, I do know with a perfect thought there is hope, and if we all had perfect thoughts, ones that never ended, I know we could find a solution. I am grateful I do not have to stop thinking, or even have the desire to remove her from my mind.

I Have Time for Perfect Thoughts


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All things created on this earth either began as a thought in the mind of God or in the mind of man. A mosquito or bacteria is no more of an evolution by accident than a Chevy or a computer...the only difference is that one reproduces itself and the other does not.

If she is an "object" of my thoughts, I like her, very much. She is older than me, she is stronger than me, she is more flexible than me. I am a "wimp" compared to her, but, if she met/knew me, she probably would think more kindly, highly of me than I do of myself. She lives in a differnt dimension than me and is probably more honest, sincere, unpretentious. I respect her strength. I notice I keep comparing her to "me". If I didn't, I would notice that she is an edearing and attractive/appropriate part of the landscape/world and am grateful for her.

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So many Americans view homelessness with pity, fear, compassion or disgust thinking it a terrible human condition but I can only see the upside, that they are not locked up in some sort of assylum and free from living a hectic, work-a-holic lifestyle paying for overpriced housing which they have no time to enjoy. Too bad you didn't get a front facial photo so we could see if she smiles. Millions of under employed or unemployed Filipinos seem to be happy and smile naturally regardless of their economic level in society compared to millions of serious more stern looking or distrustfull or fearful responsible working Americans who seem to have lost their more traditional "happy go lucky" friendliness.

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