I Had an Insight on Why I Travel

I have said on many occasions,
"I will travel until I know why I travel."

If I ask myself the question,
"Andy, what is more important to you, that you can travel or that you can live cheaper outside the USA?"

I have to say,
"That life is cheaper outside the USA, often Travel is the hassle."

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, May 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


Economic Refugee
My friend Chris said to me,
"I am an economic refugee."
"I cannot afford to live in the USA, it cost too much, I must live in Guatemala."

I Cringe
Sometimes I think about stopping travel and returning to the USA, but I cringe. I do not want to pay all that money to live there…

I Had an Insight on Why I Travel


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This makes a lot of sense.

Early hobotraveler.com (and when I say early, I mean when I discovered you which was only 2005) the tips and tricks, and daily blogs, were often about being thrifty, making things, making things dual or multi-purpose etc. You seem to have refocused on that again in recent posts.

I think that may be why I was so drawn to this site in the begining. I was working on a tight budget. I have a lot more confidence in my ability to make or modify something than my ability to choose the correct expensive item to purchase.

Even an Ex-President has to think about living cheaper.


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It's a NO BRAINER for most middleclass average Americans who are not likely to advance up the corporate ladder. Living in the USA is best spent working and saving 16 hours a day and making it last outside in countries with much lower costs of living provides all types of insights. Having these extended periods of leisure helps people learn such money saving tips and inspires entrepreneurship. Eventually after a few years of this lifestyle these extended stays can evolve into a semi-permanent lifestyle overseas. Sounds like a good "Poll" question, would you choose to live in the USA earning U$2000 / month having a normal life with weekends off etc but little or no savings OR work second and third jobs making U$2500 to U$3000+ with little or no free time, save U$1000 / month for 6 months and live in Guatemala 6 months on U$500 / month and RETAIN U$3000 / year in savings. In 5 years the U$15,000 could be seed capital for a small business in Guatemala which pays only the U$500 / month expenses so the whole U$6000 / year savings can be retained. I'd love to see hobotraveler.com become a regular discussion topic in American middle schools when the counselors are trained to ask 14 year olds "what do you want to BE when you grow up? " Counselors could offer this alternative lifestyle to those few who prefer, "a life less normal".

God made a beautiful world and I would like to see as much of his creaton as I can.

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