I Find I am Worried About Thailand

Today is Thursday, March 18, 2010, and maybe there is a small stupid war in Thailand, I am worried a small flame could turn into a bonfire; it is possible for stupid to become even more stupid, this is no limit to the power of stupidity.

I am by default a citizen of Thailand, not literally, but in many ways, I love this country. I argue with the country, the citizens, and at the end of the day, I claim some form of ownership. I have visited or stopped over in Thailand so many times, I would say it is one of my homes away from home. It is one of the perils of being a Global Citizen, you start to care for all countries, I cannot just ignore countries, and all of them slowly live in my memories or daily thoughts.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Thursday, March 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


What is Happening in Thailand?
Thailand is like any other country, there are many groups of angry people, and sometime one group grows large enough that it can cause troubles for the whole country. The present problem with the Red Shirts, who are more ore less followers of Thaksin, a billionaire telecoms tycoon who now lives abroad. He left the country in 2006 and while he was gone, the country had a small non-violent military coup. For the last few years, the country of Thailand has been seizing his money, seizing his property and denying he ever done any good for Thailand.

The Red Shirts are supporters of Thaksin Shinawatr, the former Prime Minister; he has billions of dollars and probably can send money to this group to fund their protest.

My guess, it there will never be any peace in Thailand until someone kills Thaksin, because the Red Shirts have continued hope that Thaksin like rule of the country will return, Thaksin refuse to walk away…

Thaksin Was Good and Bad
The problem is this, Thaksin lead the nation into prosperity, and while he did this, he probably put billions of dollars into his pockets. He ran the country more or less, as if it was his own business, and by using his political position, he made great business decisions. Generally, when a politician is also a business owner, there is always a conflict of interest. Thaksin was different, what he could see clearly, he realized, he understood, if he made the country succeed, he could also succeed. In normal countries, money is made at the expense of the country completely, in normal countries, the Prime Minister or leader becomes ungodly rich, gives money to all his close friends and family and more or less kills and shuts up all the small people. Thaksin help the poor, middle and rich class and in the end made himself one of the richest person on the planet.

The USA is not a normal country, underdeveloped countries are normal. 85 percent of countries have a daily wage under 10 dollars, the other 15-20 percent are called developed, but they are not normal, they are privileged and abnormal, all this will change.

Everyone is For Sale in Thailand
It is possible to conquer many countries on the planet, because one person can buy maybe 30-100 strategic people off, and then take over the country. If Thaksin could somehow pay or convince the major leaders of the country to stand down and not oppose him, he could come back into power, take over the country and all the strategic Red Shirt leaders would become rich.

I am jaded on this buying people issue; I believe almost everyone can be purchased. I see writers say things just to sell a camera, the normal person will say about anything for a few dollars of profit, just imagine what you could get leaders to do for a million dollars. People believe then are clever when they make money from people who do not understand, this is not clever, it is corruption of their spirit.

What is going to happen in the future of Thailand?
I tend to hope, someone just kills Thaksin, and the King lives on for another 10 years. This would allow people to forget and life would return to normal in Thailand. I personally see Thailand as the moving force in Southeast Asia; it is the center, the Capital of this region. It is the meeting place of all people who love Asia. Although Japan and South Korea have the money, this is not where the voice of Southeast Asia lives, it lives in Thailand. Singapore and Hong Kong are more like Mafia ran countries, just the intermediary counties that are conduits that allow the western countries to do business with China.

Thailand is not a democracy, the country is ran buy money, and the present leaders need to buy off the correct people. I am do not believe they are as smart as Thaksin, herein lies the problem, they will all fight with each other all wanting to be the next leader to rape the country, while Thaksin is one person, a bigger force.

Somewhere, Thaksin is alive and talking too much, he needs to remember he loves Thailand and walk away from the country for the sake of Thailand. Power is a horrible addiction, when a person needs power to feel ok, they often will just follow the power to their own self-destruction. Look at Saddam Hussein in Iraq as an example, he was rich and then gets himself hung, this is truly just some form of low esteem problem, whereby the leader believes he is more important than his people.

What is my concern, all the business of Southeast Asia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and all the world needs a stable Thailand. If the Red Shirts could create a nationwide riot, the people of Thailand would tear their country into small pieces.

In the midst of confusion, the confusion can turn into a mob, and then groups of small people can become leaders of nations. Fame and power, there is something ugly in humans, people want their face to be on the cover of the book, every small person somehow believe they are a somebody, while in reality all of us are a nobody. (Castro in Cuba.)

There is no solution, every small person on the planet now believes they have the right to tell the leaders what to do, nobody keeps their mouth shut. I personally will continue to search for isolated places like Panajachel, or Indiana, away from cities like Bangkok or New York where people dream of unlimited power.

Thaksin, please go into hiding, you made your run, please stop, fall on your sword, do something noble, you did a good job; to continue will only cause greater problems. Leaders must love their country more than they love themselves.

You think this only happens in Thailand, the USA is going nuts over this joke of a Health Program, everyone has their hand in the cookie jar, nobody is being noble, and they are working to look good at the cost of the country. Obama talks like a King, not like a democratically elected president, he wants to rule by Charisma, the ugly power of Charisma.

I will go drink my cup of coffee today, and avoid people who talk with too much passion, with some belief they understand the planet. Rage is running rampant in society, take a look around you, can you see rage in the eyes of your friends, do you feel a current of anger under the table. Everyone has some rage, some people search for reasons to be angry. I personally try to find reasons to walk away from people filled with rage. I do like it in myself; I do not like to see it in reader’s comments.

One of you will read this and find a reason to be angry, another will read this and find reason to relax and enjoy life, think about it, who are you?

I Find I am Worried About Thailand


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Hobo wonders..... "Somewhere, Thaksin is alive and talking too much".

He's in Cambodia where his family $$ and friends $$ can visit easily. Mai pang rai.

It is all good. The Thai are pasionate about politics and get involved. They all love the King and a good street party. I can see both Red and Yellow are good people. It is healthly. I hope the Tea Party takes to the streets and shakes things up in the USA. I really think it would be as easy to be sucessifull in Thailand as in the USA. I like hanging with the Hi SoYellows and estiblishment types but root for the Reds sometimes to.

Ah yes. A post that encompasses your personality, almost completely.

You are a "citizen of the world", and use the trademark hip pidgin english accordingly, but support a political party in your home country that rapes the middle and lower classes. Classes that the people that you choose to associate with in your travels would 100 be classified under. You want to be everyone. True to your foxpublican stronghold of Indiana, but also trying so hard to identify with the poor people who actually enrich your life.

In the world, these two groups are completely diametrical. You are a hypocrite walking among the innocent.

Never mind the people who go bankrupt and die because they can't afford health insurance in your own country.

Every truly advanced country supplies its citizens with health insurance, with no exceptions save the USA. The health insurance executives, and the media and the congress that they control are the only ones that benefit from no national health insurance. My uncle, who just lost his foot, with full private insurance which now balks on paying for a prosthetic, loses.

Obama talks like a King? Apparantly you weren't listening when Bush was in office. That presidency was 8 years of pain for 90 of the world. Obama is much better than Bush for 95 of the people in the USA. The educated poor know this. The uneducated poor believe Fox news. Obama only talks like a King to foxpublicans, because they are told that he does by their favorite media outlet.

And you know what, Andy? No one can tell you anything. You just give your opinions, and people jump on you because they are ignorant, don't understand, blah blah blah.. But in the end, your just an overopinionated aging man whos mind is too inflexible to think beyond your small town Indiana programming. And is too egotistical to take criticism. No matter what, your proud "experiences" will make you right by default, all the time. But I'm telling you, that your perspective isn't as broad as you like to believe that it is. Which is actually amazing to me, considering.

And I know that you say a lot of this stuff because you get a kick out of egging people on, and stirring controversy. That is also why you argue with Thais. Controlling peoples emotions is your way of gaining power and feeling superior, but in the end people feel disrespected by the fact that your arguments are used to manipulate emotion rather than an authentic reason. This message has been repeated many times in your blog. You don't respect your readers and see them as a means to money only, which is why reading your blog makes me a bit sick now, and I rarely do it save for the same reasons people like to watch car crashes.

Unfortunately for you, your blog continuously betrays your personality.

JD, I hope my writing encompasses my personality, if so, then my writing is a 100 percent success. I have lived outside the USA for 12 years, I do not watch Fox TV, therefore this is your personality being explained, I know about CNN and BBC, however, Fox is almost exclusively a US watched news channel.

Rage, for sure JD or whoever you are enraged, I can feel and recommend the world avoid you.

Funny, you wrote almost as much as me....it take a good deal of anger to react and desire to hurt me for that elongated period. I do compliment you, you was able to keep your language within normal innuendo insults, and I did not need to delete.

I do not provoke, I am naturally a controversial person.

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