Homesick Travel Tip

Homesick Travel Tip
I know many people dream of traveling the planet, leaving your nine to five job and venturing out to explore the world, however it is not all fun and games.

What does it mean to be Homesick?

Homesick defined: unhappy and longing for home: feeling sadness and longing to be at home with family and friends when away from them.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Sunday, March 22, 2009
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I guarantee you will become lonely if you travel over three months away from home. There is a need for friendship, the human animal is a social being, it lives in groups and runs in packs, it is not an animal that lives solitary.

I am presently in Awasa, Ethiopia and I feel a sense of loneliness. There are many new friends in my life; I am invited daily to go drink coffee with a large group of girls I met. I have met a few people in the internet café and we have conversations. There are two or three men in the Hotel who speak great English and we have conversations.

It is always a question mark in my life when I feel lonely, I am never sure why, however I know something is missing.

Homesickness is misleading, it is not Home I a missing, it is a conversation with someone who knows me and wants to talk with me.

There are a few ways to find this type of close personal relationship.

1., I can find a great connection and call my friends at home, pay 2 cents per minute and have an hour conversation.

2. Choose a friend and try to increase the level of friendship.

3. Travel to a location where I already have friends, return to a familiar location. For example, I can return to Bangkok, Thailand where I have friends.

4. Travel to a location where there are many English-speaking tourist, this enables me to have better friendships and better conversations.

5. Learn to speak the local language, this allows friendships to grow.

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Homesick Travel Tip


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That's one of the big reasons I prefer to travel north or south rather than east/west. You stay in the same time zone and can easily call home and talk with friends back in the hometown regardless of whether you're in argentina or alaska. Being in africa or asia your times are all messed up. of course you can still call home but its a lot bigger hassle.

I like your old blog more. This new thing you have I have to click on the older link for each and every blog post you make. That is annoying and also it takes time and energy.

Best regards,

Ok, now it works like before!

Good job.

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