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HoboTraveler.com in La Union Philippines

HoboTraveler.com in La Union Philippines
This is a video me (Andy) in the travelers nest I created in the Philippines. The room cost 12-14 U.S. Dollars per night. This is an attempt to prove to you that “life is good,” and I do not live like a bum.

Some of you are hung up on this word Hobo, and miss the plot, my goal of travel is to enjoy my life, and I do not torture myself. This place is a little better than other Hotels, but in my opinion very expensive. I think the price of the room for one month according to global standards should be eight dollars. Apartments in Bauang rent for about 8000-10,000 pesos per month.

A HOBO Travels to work
A tramp travels and won't work
A bum neither travels or works

I travel from place to place as cheap as possible, and when I arrive, I work… not much, but enough just to get by, I do not want work to interfere with me living.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 18, 2009
Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… At three times the price, sorry.


I took off from the USA about 11-12 years ago, searching for a job, a way to fund my travels around the world.


If you not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

I will be traveling soon to either Africa or South America, I am not sure life is truly a flip of the coin. I have two large travel website and a Travel Journal; I make my living from the Advertisers on the 1000’s of internet pages.

I truly hate to be in these videos or photos, I was ready to make this video a week ago, and I procrastinated. I have slowly realized readers, and maybe now the viewers, the people of planet earth no longer trust people. To show credibility, you demand that you have the ability to listen, see, and read the body language of to trust me. I do want you to believe my lifestyle is possible, I will slowly show me so you feel safer and come to believe the good life I live is not a dream, it is real.

I think people lie so much, the average person needs more information such as the look on my face, the way I talk and the whole person to feel secure. Yep, that is me, Andy the HoboTraveler.com.

HoboTraveler.com in La Union Philippines


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