He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

Kenya He Ain‘t Heavy
“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”
- The Road is Long
Song by the music group “The Hollies.”

Kilgoris, Kenya
East Africa
Friday, April 17, 2009


I appreciate the love and care that is shared by the families in Africa and many countries of the planet. It saddens me to know that often in my own country, the USA; children would be whining and whinging if their mother or father asked them to carry their brother or sister on their back.

Yes, a baby stroller is easier and maybe even safer, however somehow the babies carried on the back are quiet and content. When I hear a baby crying, I now look around to check the country, I want to know how the baby is being carried. Babies in the Western world or developed world cry about 10 times more than the babies in the underdeveloped countries do.

Why do babies cry?

Kenya He Ain‘t Heavy


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Beautiful picture!

Yes it is true dear friend.This is because in the developed nations there s a distinct craze for money making ,which overwhelms parents of all kinds.The children as a result get marginalized or endured as pleasant liabilities.Cultures can also be sentimental or not.In the West it is not that sentimental as we have in the East and Africa.
Best wishes to you.Am enjoying your posts very much.
Love Dr Sadasivan

Why do babies cry?

Because they imitate their parents.

A sorta off topic example, for easter, the family was gathered for easter. One couple that has two boys, 5 and 7 or something, were complaining about how they cant seem to control their kids. They dont know what is wrong with them etc. I was sitting with the mothers of the kids parents. The three of us agreed, the children were acting just like their parents, only more so. Kids are the perfect social scientists. They will adjust their behavior to what gives them what makes them happy. USA, and other so called developed places tend to be about what you own, and control and stress. Supposedly less developed places dont try to control so much, there does not seem to be as much emphasis on competition and stress. Frankly, in my limited experience, people seem happier. And people from the US (and I suppose other places) just dont get it.

Another tangent.... due to too much coffee on my part today I suppose. Maybe I just need to hear myself talk. I went on a trip with a local dive shop to Belize. We took a shuttlebus through Dangringa, a town I had been to before on the bike. The folks in the bus were commenting on how sad it was to see the kids in town, with nothing, living in shacks, and how bad their lives were etc, etc, etc. They could not accept my comments that these kids had a great life in many ways. That their life was not horrible. Heck, these kids had more stuff than I did when I was young. They had IPODS, backpacks with wheels, bicycles, LOTS of friends and places to play, good schools, etc, etc, etc. Why do people equate things with a good life? Why cant they accept that a good life, is a good life, no matter how it happens?

OK, coffee is wearing off, Ill shut up now.

Bob L

I believe it is very possible that Americans are too busy giving their children everything they want, and so the babies do not learn that much control and whine when they dont get something.. that said I am not a parent so am not sure.



This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.


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Actually baby carriages and strollers are a disgusting invention. Who ever had the idea of pushing babies along in boxes in front of us, people\s faces looming down on them and exhaust fumes right in their faces.

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