Haiti Street Food Breakfast

I am slowly coming around; I now understand how my Haitian friends eat breakfast. Naomi has now made many two-egg sandwiches for me, they are delicious. Eating in a restaurant seems like a denial of the culture, not an affirmation.

I like street food, I seldom eat in restaurant, unless with friends.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Monday, November 30, 2009
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Naomi and friend have been waving me over for days, I finally accepted.

She has many ingredients, I opted for the two eggs with small pieces of pepper to add flavor. She added some type of seasoning salts, all is well. This cost 7 Haitian Dollar, or 35 Gourde, or about 80 Cents USA.

The man to the right is a barber, he has small trailer a few meters down the road. This was my first sandwich, before I became a regular. My neighbors here enjoy a white man in the neighborhood. There is five to seven schools in the Rue Lamarre area, they all teach English and Spanish, few teach French. Therefore, it is a daily regime to have a student stop and practice English with me, or even Spanish, I am fluent in Spanish.

What is fun, a young man asked,
“You are alone, who washes your clothes?”
I said, as I raised my hand.
“I do.”

In a way, the sense or feel it strange, that a man would ever need to do this type of work. In a way, the need to have a person cook me a sandwich is out of sorts in Haiti.

This young woman was calling out from the Peanut Gallery as I ate my sandwich. I am not the tourist, I am the tourist attraction.

Haiti Street Food Breakfast


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I've also always preferred eating what street vendors are selling anywhere in the world as it's often more fresh, prepared right in front of your eyes and cheap ( without paying high rent for a street location vendors offer value for money ).

Your pics are worth a 1000 words and help inform people who may have not traveled much understand how easily they can travel on a budget.

Andy, Have FUN taking time off on your vacation from your endless "vacation" away from an on-site career or job. It will be interesting to read your friend's experiences in Cuba while you're away is this the first time you've allowed someone to travel and write about their trip on your behalf posted on this blog? We're also taking off around Chinese New Years 2010 for a few months going places we haven't gone before but always dreamed of going.

Couldn't agree with you more about street food , it's the best and safest . My Daughter Alysanne and I have eaten and avoided such complaints as the Delhi Belly and Montezuma's Revenge in many far flung out posts . The only time we ever got sick was when I weakened and tired of Cabbage soup in Burma . insisting on an expensive dinner in a Hilton type Hotel . The only good thing about such establishments is their availabillity if you run short of toilet paper. incidentally , why are there so many cooking schools for Americans in Thailand when all the locals seem to get their dishes cooked in the streets ?

I can say without a hesitation of a doubt, that the ONLY times I have ever gotten sick while traveling in third world countries is at fine dining establishments - this coming from someone who eats anything off a stick, griddle, or plastic tub on the street. We have a boutique hotel down here in the Republic of Panama (http://www.loscuatrotulipanes.com) and give the spiel to guests every time...

"Yes, it is OK to eat the lettuce. Yes, it's OK to drink the water. And finally, anyone who doesn't indulge in the street food in Casco Viejo is somehow kidding themselves."

Our neighborhood is quite the spectacle (lots of glamor) with a number of snazzy new restaurants opening up on a regular basis - but the hot chorizos, cold ceviches, and 50 cent beers you can buy on the street corner are about as good as they come!

I can't beleive it! I just got back from Port au Prince, I have been following your travels for several years now, I would have loved to meet you! Oh well, maybe some distant land...

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