Guayaquil Ecuador Close to Ocean


I arrived by bus yesterday to Guayaquil, Ecuador, this is a city located on I guess a river or on the ocean according to how you look it. A very large city of over two million people though does not feel extremely large; however, the area does appear to sprawl around the area so maybe the metropolitan area is actually more populated.

I came with the Ormeno bus line, this is the second time I have taken this line in over five years of travel in South America, it is advertised as the Royal Class Bus line, however just so so and I was not so happy. I am not feeling good and wanted two features. One I wanted to go through the extremely ridiculously complicated border with a minimum of problems and this worked great, and second I wanted very good air conditioning. The air was not good.

Strange people do not ride first class for luxury, it is more of a way of making sure they do not have to sit with the poor people, so service is not a preoccupation with the other riders. However, for me yes, I was feeling very bad when the toilet did flush and the sinks did not drain when I was getting sick and trying to clean up.

Nonetheless, I made it to Guayaquil on a flat road so very few problems, and snagged a good hotel with color TV and AIR, I am going to try to resolve this sickness. I have been to a pharmacist twice now, however they are for sure just treating the symptoms and not the problem. I am betting on the shear time factor, time does heal 99 percent of problems. Therefore, I will try to be comfortable and not worry.


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Get better soon Andy!

I am hitting the road on Saturday for 2 weeks in Europe. South America will be the next destination that I wish to see mainly because it is close, cheap and very interesting. I am still working on my plan to be a hobo as well!

Happy Trails!


I read your postings several times and I am confused. About the time I "thought" you were enjoying yourself (few and far between) I quickly discovered that that was followed (quickly) by a complaint or that you were having a miserable time. I was always taught that if you didn't like what you were doing - stop doing it!
I also travel frequently, although I am sure I am not as well traveled as you are. My wife is from Argentina and we will be heading there in about 3 weeks.I was only there once before when we got married, but I do know that when you leave the U.S. you have to remember that the entire world is NOT the U.S.. Especially the Central/South American cultures. If the planes are lat - OK , if you miss your connection - make another. It may be cliche', but you have to "go with that flow".
I will agree on one point that I read (did you write it?). Columbia has the most beautiful and friendly women in the world (sorry Argentina!)

Simpleton answer to a traveler from a tourist.

Travelers do not stop, this is what they do, tourist like yourself have only great times and all is perfect. Refusing to say they spent money and it is even possible to not enjoy...

If you read enough you would also know I was sick, however in a world of dysfunctional people, then a person makes a decision on a snapshot and not a movie.

Some days suck and some days are good, however life is always good.

It annoys me when I have to listen to people who stay home and do not travele say to give up my life. I am a traveler, and that is what I do, good or bad.

Eight years on the road and you ar trying to remind me to remember I am not in the USA. I am having trouble remembering the USA.

When you understand it is not a choice, then you will take your first step in understanding.

I am not going to overlook the fact that South America has problems... obviously if you look at their history.

Argentina as an example.

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