Galapagos Islands is 200 Dollars away

Galapagos Islands
The taxi driver told me that I would fly round trip to the Galápagos Islands for 200 dollars U.S. This is a good price if he has a clue, my instincts tell me he has a clue so I may check it out, I have always had a desire to see the Galapagos Turtles.


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The Galapagos Islands is an area definitely worth traveling to. Ive had such a wonderful cruise experience there earlier this summer truly a unique vacation! If you want to check it out, Galapagos-Inc currently has awesome cruise deals--up to $550 off! Ive used their services before, and theyre wonderful!

Our experiences in the Galapagos were also amazing. We spent almost a week there, every day being better than the other before it. We also went the cruise route but we traveled with

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