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From Dilla to Agare Maryam Ethiopia

From Dilla to Agere Maryam Ethiopia
I will travel about 100 Kilometers South to a smaller city called Agere Maryan, I will leave the room in about one hour, and it should be an easy trip, more or less from one middle size city to another middle size city.

I am hoping they have internet that works, these small city have dial up connection that makes internet access easy for an internet café, they just need to buy the normal connection.

Dila or Dilla, Ethiopia
East Africa
Thursday, March 26, 2009

This map shows all the cities I plan to visit; living in them is comfortable because the altitude has been over 1500 meters making for cool nights and no need for fans. I am on the Ethiopia Plateau, the altitude is hovering between 1400 and 1600 meters, normally the cities are located on higher locations.

I am gaining speed, sort of lost my interest in Ethiopia. I keep reading about Animals, Hippos and other large Animals, however there is no obvious tourist assistance, and the locals never seem to know anything about them. I have asked many locals if they have seen a Hippopotamus and none of them have. I sometime things they have set up some large open-air zoos, whereby they can then charge admission.

From Dilla to Agere Maryam Ethiopia