Father Mike and Creole Lunch

I ate a typical Haiti - Dominican Republic dish of rice with beans with Father Mike a Catholic Priest in Elias Pinas the other day.

Mike is on the left, and Cal is on the right, they are up to good in Elias Pinas. Mike from Wisconsin the Catholic Father has lived in Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic for 14 years, and regularly shakes hands with all the locals. I was impressed with his balanced philosophy of life. I was happy after not talking with English for about a month, I was happy to find a great conversationalist who was in no hurry to be nowhere fast.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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I saw this rice dish many times in Haiti, however found it difficult to photograph. I suspect I have eaten rice in 87 countries, and I was happy to find the beans in the rice. The beans add an extra flavor, without much seasoning needed. Try it, put some black beans on top of rice, maybe you will find it an easy Hobo lunch. I can cook the rice, and the beans, but carrying around many spices is truly difficult for a traveler.

Mike says, he still will not eat the Chicken Feet, I concur, some customs are best avoided. Thanks for lunch Mike, I was starved for good food and conversation, you satisfied both hungers.

Father Mike and Creole Lunch


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