You can find Dominican Republic Expatriates lurking around an internet site called dr1.com.

I have been sitting around in Rocky’s a famous Expatriate hangout listening to people fight over dr1.com. I could only hope the world is fighting about my site, this for sure is a sign of success.


Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 15, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Expatriate Insider Sites

ThaiVisa.com is one of the best for Thailand, and I believe you could consider HarryTheHorse.com an insider’s site for the Philippines.

Well, DR1.com should probably be put on the same ground, while maybe a little more of a news site than the other two, but I hear has an active forum.

How Insiders Sites Work
Normally, there is a forum you can join, I try to subscribe to the daily newsletters or Blogs and receive the updates daily in my email box. It is an easy way to monitor what is happening in a different sphere of influence, a different culture, a different world, and few people who we probably should keep a keen eye, just to be sure.

I now subscribe to dr1.com by email, I get a daily email, I skim it and delete, trying to watch over the shoulder of the Expats, making sure I am an insider and not an outsider.

Hmm, I think Khao San Road, in Thailand has Stickman, but never monitored enough to understand the modus operandi.



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Hobo says....Hmm, I think Khao San Road, in Thailand has Stickman, but never monitored enough to understand the modus operandi.

If you want to know the M.O. try reading http://www.notstickmanbangkok.com

He gives the the whole scoop on The Stick !

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dr1 is a "Supposed to be Dominican web new/forum" but in reality it's more inclined for the "non-Dominicans expat".

In other words it is really more anti-Dominican than pro-Haitians for most of the NGOs that are supposed to be living in Haiti and helping the Haitians population prefer the comfort of living in the Dominican republic instead of Haiti.

All these NGOs working against Dominican laws and population are given preference in dr1 over real Dominicans.

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